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Phil Silva - 'Say That You Love Me'

Review by Vai Thomas & Staff

The definition of the word 'euphoria' that one is likely to find in a dictionary would be that of a 'state of intense happiness and self-confidence.' Now, how does one translate and exude that state of self-confidence and intense joy through the medium of music? Naturally, by choosing the proper genre that befits the lyrical theme, which in itself should not be devoid of energy by any degree. Be wise about the key/arrangement, whether it is major or minor, and, of course, the subsequent creativity to start off with. Add to that the injection of personal and relatable elements into the theme, a bit of swagger to the proceedings, and something resembling nostalgia without ever letting down the energy levels, and you can claim to have composed a song that is euphoric in nature. And veteran multi-instrumentalist Phil Silva can certainly claim euphoria with his sparkling and delightful number titled 'Say That You Love Me.' Written in the key of A Major, 'Say That You Love Me' has struck that uncommon but delightful balance between contemporary and old-school sounds, thanks in no small measure to the sprightly arrangements and rendition of the vocals. Arranged in the realms of classic rock and rock 'n' roll, there is no dearth of creativity either. Right from the moment the first note is struck, the song commands one's attention and keeps the listener engaged throughout this guitar-driven number. Oozing with a touch of the Rolling Stones, Belinda Carlisle, and Prince all at once, the song's lyrical theme makes no bones about what it aims to convey—an unblemished euphoria while popping up the question and the prospect of one reciprocating one's love. As such, the lyrics are rightfully written in a down-to-earth and relatable manner, peppered with rock n' roll swagger that works in all the right ways. For that matter, lyrics such as 'If I give you my love, would you say that you'd keep me?' work; lines like these pretty much capture what goes through the mind of one while proposing to one's love! And Silva's vocals, with his powerful range and dynamics (one can't help but be reminded of Mick Jagger), bring to fruition that sparkling experience that this song was meant to give. Praise must be reserved for the chordal arrangements, the instrumental performance by the guitars, drums, and piano—in particular, the delightful cameo by the saxophone for the interlude. And the mix engineering extracted a completely rounded mix and balance with the creative ensemble of instruments at play, with their respective patches and modulations. Ultimately, it is the straightforwardness of the lyrical theme and its peppy vocal rendition with the attached harmonies that transform "Say that You Love Me" from a good number into a great and truly memorable one. At a duration of three minutes and twenty-two seconds, 'Say That You Love Me' is a winner all the way. It oozes with joyful vibrations through and through and is a near-accurate reflection of the energy and emotions that one experiences when talking to one's crush. One is likely to listen to it on repeat, for the relatable lyrical theme, tremendous vocals and arrangement!


About Phil Silva Phil Silva is a versatile singer-songwriter, known for his captivating musical compositions and remarkable talent across multiple instruments. With a prolific discography, his music can be found on popular streaming platforms such as Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and more. Phil's impressive songwriting skills have garnered attention, leading to placements with local bands and regular airplay.

Equally proficient on the guitar, piano, and bass, Phil's instrumental prowess adds depth and richness to his performances. Throughout his musical journey, he has showcased his versatile skills by playing in various rock and commercial bands, effortlessly adapting to different genres and styles.

Aside from his instrumental abilities, Phil has also displayed his leadership and artistic vision as the director of a choir for over three decades. His guidance has shaped the choir's sound and fostered a harmonious environment for the singers under his guidance.

Phil Silva's profound connection to his home town led him to write and compose the official town song, a testament to his deep-rooted love and appreciation for his community. With a wealth of experience and a true passion for music, Phil continues to captivate audiences and leave an indelible mark on the music industry.


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