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  • Bryon Harris

Phaze II - 'Feel My Love'

PHAZE II, a contemporary jazz group, has embarked on a journey to share their many talents and music with the world. They are the winners of the 2005 Capital Jazz Challenge Competition and the 2014 WAMA fan favorite award. As in-demand performers, Phaze II has backed up Regina Belle, El DeBarge, MeL’isa Morgan, Kenny Lattimore, Frank McComb, Conya Doss, Paul Taylor, Matthew Whitaker, Tim Bowman and many other world renowned artists. Their song, "Feel My Love," is a testament to their talent and appeal.

“Feel My Love” begins with drums, bass, a guitar patch, strings, and vocal riffing setting up a dreamy soundscape for the intro. The melody, sung by the captivating Erica Scott, is introduced with the first verse along with the tight groove. The guitar part is exceptionally well arranged, combining melodic bits with solid rhythm. The instrumentation remains the same for the chorus, yet the chorus makes an impact on the listener through dynamics and mesmerizing background vocals.

Just as listeners are settling in aurally through another verse and chorus, the band takes them down a different path for the bridge. The bridge features an interesting rotary part, and piano comping, giving the song new and fresh textures. Overall, the song’s arrangement will have listeners experiencing a sense of calm through the different sonic textures, but also tapping their feet and moving to the song’s infectious groove. The song ends with a soulful saxophone solo by Steve Garrison.

“Feel My Love” is a heartfelt love song, and its' lyrics are direct and memorable. In the song, Scott sings about how “you’re always on my mind from the moment that I wake up” and “you will always be the one for me.” Listeners will be singing along after just one chorus.

“Feel My Love” by Phaze II is well written song performed by fantastic musicians. Phaze II is a band that is comprised of complete musicians,who both demonstrate a serious level of musicianship, while also using their chops to write and perform music that is moving and emotional.

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