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Peter Unger - 'Song For Peace'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

'Song For Peace' by Peyer Unger is featured on BWH Music Group’s new release, ‘On Peace Street, Vol. One.’ The compilation album is a collection of 19 original songs in various genres by today's best independent artists and songwriters. Sharing songs about peace and social justice, the artist's songs will ultimately remind you of the importance of peace, fairness, love and unity. Filled with meaningful lyrics and exceptional music, this playlist is an example of how music can influence, and even change, people, movements, and society.

Peter Unger's message is the song is to unite as one to stop hate and war. There is so much destruction in our world that has caused damage to society. There is power in words, “In Every Language, It Means the Same, Peace Between You and Me.” This is a cry to bring upon world peace and unite as a force to help one another and too tolerant differences. This message will hopefully help the future generation learn from the mistakes of the past and beyond creed, ethnicity, social status, and political stand.

There’s a strong message of peace, and reliance on one another, to obtain that peace. Peter Unger’s music speaks for itself. As a country gospel artist, there’s a slight twang in his vocals along with a soothing melodic flow that sounds authentic. Bring an end to war and bring forward peace. Change is essential, and it is possible, and Peter is helping to make that happen through song.

Pastor Peter Unger’s music can be found on Reverbnation and most major digital outlets including Amazon, Tunecore and others.


About Peter Unger

Pastor Peter Unger is an inspirational singer-songwriter. He grew up in Vermont and moved to Pennsylvania later on in life. He writes songs for the churches that he has served, and to reach people looking for hope and inspiration. His songs are an extension of his ministry.

A finalist in the USA International Songwriting Competition, his songs cross-over folk, country, Gospel and Celtic music. Common themes in his music include the healing love and Grace of God, and his lyrics explore faith, peace and hope.

An inspirational country gospel tune “Song for Peace” by Peter Unger being featured in the On Peace Street album. "Song for Peace" song starts with a peck guitar and vocals with influential lyrics. The use of a12 string guitar brings an interesting contrast with the vocals. The bass flows through the harmonic blend of strings. Peter Unger's vocals are calm and reassuring. As a listener, you fall back into the gentle, soothing sound of the guitar and vocals.

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