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  • Bryon Harris

Peter Unger - 'Song and a Prayer'

Peter Unger is an artist who shares the saving Grace of Jesus Christ through storytelling, singing and songwriting. Rev. Peter B. Unger is UCC pastor. He received his doctorate degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ in the area of Psychology of Religion. He has served Churches in upstate NY., and Eastern PA. He was a chaplain at the Syracuse, NY Veterans Hospital. Pastor Unger is currently an adjunct college instructor in the areas of Philosophy, Ethics, and Comparative Religion. Peter’s latest song titled “Song and Prayer” gives hope in light of the fear and frustrations concerning the current epidemic.

“Song and a Prayer” is a reminder for all of us facing difficult times. Instead of letting these times squander your love and passion, find ways to use that passion to uplift yourself and those around you. The song opens with intricate acoustic guitar accompanied by pedaled electric guitar and a crunchy lead that takes center stage with wailing melodies all combining to create a slightly somber timbre.

Throughout the verses, Peter delivers a dynamic and heartfelt performance. At the start of each passage, Peter sets a melancholy mood singing about distressing circumstances and depression however, with bright changes in the instrumentals, Peter ends the passages by highlighting the positive.

“Feeling sad depression steals / All that motivates and heals / I urge myself to rise and do / The only thing I still long to / But if I linger a bit too long / What will happen to my song / Then not feeling the need to care / A tune rises in me from I know not where / And now I gift to you this song and prayer”

Through moving melodies and down-to-earth lyrics, Peter showcases how he uses his gift to overcome these times setting a perfect example of how your gift can uplift those around you as well. Peter’s performance of “Song and a Prayer” is raw, emotional and touching. Make sure to take a listen yourself.

To hear Song and a Prayer, please visit Peter Unger's Profile on BWH Music Group's Studio Roster Page.

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