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  • Bryon Harris

Peter Unger - "Selah"

By Sylvie Marie & Staff

Peter Unger’s “Selah” is a truly endearing record. It opens with a medley of electric guitars backed by the gentle finger-picking of an acoustic guitar. While the reverberant, electric lead accents the track with melodic fills, the other guitar parts work with the lead seamlessly, almost as if they were conversing, immediately engaging listeners in the playful instrumental arrangement.

Peter’s vocals grace the track with a smooth timbre and light vibrato as he enters the first verse. Through the combination of Peter’s sincere vocals and heartwarming lyrics, “Selah” makes for an uplifting track that will leave a lasting impression on its' listeners.

Peter drew his inspiration for this record from the many books and countless sermons about the types and structure of prayer. The term “Selah” is a mysterious Hebrew word that appears in Scripture, particularly the Psalms. Here it may mean pause, reflect or both. In the chorus Peter sings,

“Let love, hope, and faithfulness guide the thoughts you bear/And you’ll find that I will meet you there /Selah, Selah, Selah, Selah /Then reflect upon the words you pray /And they will guide you on your way.”

These words are sure to touch listeners while guiding them, with a tender gentleness, to a place of love and healing.


A USA International Songwriting Competition Finalist, Pastor Peter B. Unger is a singer-songwriter who writes Inspirational/Spiritual Folk, Celtic and Country music.  Peter was raised in New England and is a graduate of Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.   He received his Master of Divinity degree from Princeton Theological Seminary, and a Doctorate Degree from Drew University in Madison, NJ.  Pastor Peter, as he known to parishioners, has served Churches in upstate NY and Eastern PA. He was also a chaplain at the veteran’s hospital in Syracuse, NY. Pastor Unger is also a college instructor at an area college.

Singing and songwriting has been a passion of Pastor Peter since his early teens. Pastor Unger wrote most of these songs as an extension of his ministry; they were performed during worship services, weddings, funerals, conferences, and a variety of other church gatherings.  The greatest reward Pastor Unger has received from his music is the assurance by many of the comfort, hope, and mediated sense of Christ’s presence it brought them.

Peter’s music features organic guitar work and poignant lyrics with a focus on hope and faith in today’s challenging world.


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