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Peter Unger- 'Love is What I’ll Do'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Love is What I’ll Do” is a true folk song. Carried on the wings of acoustic guitar fingerpicking, electric guitar fills, and soulful vocal delivery, this song has a classic sound that pays homage to timeless songwriting. Unger’s delivery is ernest and direct, plainly stating his message with sweetness but without “overdressing” the music. Guitar parts are layered nicely together, giving the feeling of friends playing together in a living room.

Lyrically, “Love is What I’ll Do” is a message of dedication and commitment. These lyrics would be equally appropriate as wedding vows. “Its what we do that lights the way, What we feel and what we say.” The artist makes it clear that his conception of love is not a shallow one, and that he intends to walk the walk. Unger distills the essence of a committed relationship into one action phrase: “Love is what I’ll do”

“Love is What I’ll do” produces an overall welcoming and gracious quality. Listener’s will appreciate the dedication to detail of lyrical expressions as well as a courageously stripped down musical arrangement. The song is left to speak for itself, which it does eloquently. If you’re a fan of Gordon Lightfoot, Pete Seeger, or folk music in general, make sure to give “Love is What I’ll Do” a’ll be glad you did!

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For more great songs by Peter Unger, please visit him on Reverbnation.


About Peter Unger

Peter Unger is a pastor and part time college instructor. Originally a native of Vermont, he now lives in Pennsylvania. His songs are written within a variety of genres including folk, country, Gospel, and Celtic music. He tries to write songs that will reach a broad spectrum of spiritual seekers where they are at spiritually.

Common themes in his music are the healing love and Grace of God. Pastor Unger has primarily performed his songs during the worship services of the churches he has served. He sees sharing his songs online as an extension of his ministry.


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