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Peter Unger - 'Christmas Cards'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Christmas Cards” is a holiday meditation that fosters reflection and ignites an emotional response the way a great Holiday song should. Acoustic guitar and piano are swimming in an ocean of sound on this track, washing over the listener like warmth from a fireplace. Unger’s ulta-earnest baritone vocals imbue this song with a gravity and root the listener in a reflective space. Interesting instrumental runs and an “fingerpicking” acoustic guitar pattern provide rhythm and life to the track, keeping the energy level simmering.

Lyrically, “Christmas Cards” is a hypnotic expression of the spirit of Christmas. “Merry Christmas…Once a year it comes and then it goes, show us what love does when it grows.” This song calls the listener into attention and encourages a “hear and now” breath of fresh air. “Joyful singing up on high, a host of angels glorified.” There is a palpable spiritual message here which is especially potent when combined with the angelic instrumentation of the track.

“Christmas Cards” is an intricate song with a subtle and effective arrangement. Strings and a chorus support the sonic textures, while the guitar, piano, and vocals do the heavy lifting. “Christmas Cards,” when taken as a sum, genuinely delivers a spiritual communication in the form of a beautiful song. Unger takes his time with his vocal phrasing, allowing each word to contain its full meaning. Listeners will admire his sincerity and dedication to the message. “Christmas Cards” is a must for your Holiday playlist.

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About Peter Unger

Peter Unger is a pastor and part time college instructor. Originally a native of Vermont, he now lives in Pennsylvania. His songs are written within a variety of genres including folk, country, Gospel, and Celtic music. He tries to write songs that will reach a broad spectrum of spiritual seekers where they are at spiritually.

Common themes in his music are the healing love and Grace of God. Pastor Unger has primarily performed his songs during the worship services of the churches he has served. He sees sharing his songs online as an extension of his ministry.


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