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  • Bryon Harris

Patrick & Daniels - 'Good Vibes'

eview by Abby Kenna

“Good Vibes” by Patrick & Daniels is made to be listened to on a breezy California beach, watching the waves come and go. Every element of the arrangement and production work in tandem to create a fresh atmosphere of ease throughout the song.

The song commences with the duo counting us into the intro. "Ready"? A light acoustic guitar with a jazzy comping vibe, played with expert & nimble fingers, sits at the core of the instrumentals, plucking out a delicate yet cyclical progression.

This progression strolls forward, keeping the groove of “Good Vibes”, but not forcing any uncharacteristic energy. Furthering the relaxed nature of the arrangement, the duo forgoes a standard drum kit and instead turns to more serene percussion elements. A laid-back shaker marks the beat, staying free and easy even while outlining the rhythmic form. The lead vocals are clear and carefree,

“I just wanted to come over here and say “Hi,” / Oh my, you’re one of a kind…”

One elements that especially embraces the breeziness of “Good Vibes” is the background vocals that support the vocal lead parts. They sit close to the front of the mix, produced in an organic fashion that almost makes it sound like a live recording. This duo is a vocal match, blending together perfectly in tone and style. It’s easy to picture the two singers vocalists lounging in a living room after a show, crooning the melodies that feel right in the moment. There is such a natural quality to their sound, like a group two friends who just gel right together. The carefree manner of their singing further cultivates the genuine “good vibes” of this song.

The final cherry-on-top of this easygoing tune is the band's lyricism. The words are casual and sunny, honest and fun, embodying the message of the song, wherein he expresses his desire to just be a true source of happiness for someone. How sweet is that?! “You’re impeccable with fashion / with a rocking’ body that can match it / I’m not saying that your looks are what I’m after / I’m just saying it’s the icing on the cake / You’re the package…”

Through a jovial rap bridge that blends right in, he showcases a light flow sure to make listeners smile throughout. With the New Year just starting, this duo offers some much needed good vibes for your playlist. Patrick & Daniels latest single is coming to major markets January 20th. For up-to-date information o "Good Vibes", please visit their website.


About Patrick & Daniels

Patrick & Daniels have been labeled "Halifax's Hottest New Duo" by 97.5 CIOE radio, hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. In just 2 years Jesse Patrick and Tyler Daniels have collectively been finalists for 4 World Songwriters awards, 3 International Singer Songwriter awards, and earned a Peoples Choice nomination as Halifax's best Blues act by The Coast Magazine.

Patrick's solo album "Old Soul New Vibes" was nominated for "Blues Recording of The Year" in the 2021 Nova Scotia Music Awards. Featuring London artist of the year Justin Maki, with the production of legendary Canadian producer Mark Howard and mixing by Jimmy Torres, their debut album "Good Vibes" officially launches January 20th. This young duo is worthy of keeping your eyes on.


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