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Pat Tato - 'What You Want'

Review Written by Victoria Scott

Patrick Tierney (PatTato) of Syracuse NY has created a musical experience you won't soon fogret. Through looping various instruments, elements of spoken word, rapping, singing, and even some comedic value, the veteran musician offers a uniquely colorful and dynamic sound. Truly meant to be seen live, PatTato is sure to impress with his mix of reggae, rap, jazz, and R&B. The name pays homage to Pat’s reggae band Baked Potatoes. Working on perfecting his debut studio album, Pat's new song, "What You Want" is a treat for the ears.

A sensual melody and awesome groove will caress your ears in Pat Tato’s song “What You Want” from the album Good Grief. Gabirielle Feliciano on sax comes in with a sexy jazz melody against Sean Cadley’s tight drumbeat. Mellow jazz guitars and Billy Harrison’s deep bass groove introduce lead singer Patrick Tierney’s smooth and sultry vocals. Patrick's vocal performance is captivating.

As the verses progress slowly to the chorus with a meloncholy vibe, Deion Patterson embellishes the melody with beautiful echoing chimes on the keys which resonate in the background. Gabirielle Feliciano on sax comes in with a sexy jazz melody against Sean Cadley’s tight drumbeat.

Pat Tato’s arrangement is unique with its combination of jazz and hip-hop rhythms in the pre-chorus and a seamless transtion from hot rap flows in the verses to calm melodies that flow in the chorus. Pat raps, "She said you can't fix this with a camera or a pen, and i think I want to quit this 'cause all we do is fantasize about the end." Pat demonstrates his talent as he moves in and out of different multiple vocal mediums.

Love is about being selfless and wanting the best for the one you love even if their future plans don't include you. It is about letting go. It is not an easy path, to wish someone the best when you have deeper desires. The ending lyrics express asking for one last chance, but also recognizing that in the end, staying in a relationship is a decision that you can't make for another person.

“I could dial up and download you into a cloud than you could do it too, and together we'd be so proud of this universal space we made. Just give it a chance babe nothing ever goes as planned damn, nothing ever goes as planned. If that’s what you want that’s what you want.”

Throughout the song, you can hear subtle embellishments from the keys and guitar that create a free flow of sound. The saxophonist begins the song beautifully with a sultry melody and then ends it fiercely. The vocals layer on top of each other, creating a hypnotic effect. Harmonies in the instrumentation and the song's bustling rhythm section keep your ears locked in.

Pat Tato is a creative and innovative group of stellar musicians who have an intelligent and warm approach to their musicianship. “What You Want” is a beautiful contemporary hip-hop/jazz love ballad. Their mellow and seductive sound is like candy for the ears and the soul.

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