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Parmy Dhillon - 'Rain'

Music Review by Victoria Scott

Parmy Dhillon is a Melbourne singer-songwriter who delivers powerful music that deals in raw and honest emotion. Heartfelt and real, the singer's voice is perfectly espoused to each song's narrative reminiscent of the great social commentator songwriters, like Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. His song, "Rain" is a great way to get acquainted with his talent for writing songs that depict life's struggles with a soul soothing sound.

Raindrops falls as the arpeggiated picking of a beautiful acoustic guitar resonates over Parmy's smooth and earth-soaked vocals in the opening of "Rain" from Mind Out of Time: Volume 1. "Oh so manic in the day. Oh so crazy in the night. I think I'm losing my mind. Take a left, but then it's right. Take a right and then its wrong. I think I'm losing my mind."

As the song builds, the vocal arrangement offers engaging moments for the ear with vocal doubling and background vocals placed just right to highlight the meaningful lyrics like when he sings, "I think I'm losing my mind." Parmy's subtle embellishments on the guitar combined with ambient effects create a soul-lifting vibe.

During the song, the sound of rain comes back, sometimes it's soft and at other times it sounds like a thunder storm like on the words, "Down, down. Down, down. Down, down.." The addition of word painting is brilliant, as the arrangement, with bright hints of bluegrass, country, and pop stylings, falls down like musical droplets on your soul.

Anxiety can feel overwhelming as life brings forth uncertainty and an influx of change. “Rain” is about the fears we all feel and how it affects all of us differently. The feeling of losing grasp on life and trying to ground yourself can be awkward. We all feel anxious and have ways to cope with stress, but sometimes it feels like you’re losing your mind when the rain comes down. Parmy knows how to translate emotions into music as he sings the chorus: "Don't worry about the rain falling down Dont worry that I'm lost And i will never be found Don't worry that I'm crazy And I'm losing my mind Don't worry cause you will Never ever see it Never ever see it Never ever see it now I'm down."

Parmy Dhillon is a gifted musical artist who translates complex feelings into timeless music. "Rain" is a transcendent song that swells the heart and let's us know that we are not alone in our worries when it rains. "Don't worry about the rain, falling down." Parmy's elegant acoustic guitar, lush vocals, and empathetic message come together for a musical experience that leaves you changed after you hear it - as all great art does. Connect on Facebook.

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