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  • Bryon Harris

On Impulse - 'Shot Full of Vanity'

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

On Impulse, an artist duo, is making their debut into the music scene. Their new EP, Mind of a Diamond, is about staying true to yourself and owning up to your thoughts and actions. Created in the duo's small, home studio, a relentless work ethic and dedication to their art was poured into every song. Off the album, "Shot Full of Vanity" is about giving yourself a good dose of self confidence with the goal of reaching your full potential and having fun along the way.

On Impulse is on fire with their song “Shot Full of Vanity,” from their album Mind of a Diamond. They bring in the heat with their killer rap flow, hype trap beat, and hypnotic melody. A slow vibraphone ethereal melody, with the sub-bass, and effect driven vocals introduce the catchy hook.

Both Brett Robbins and Christian Tribble present a laid-back rap flow that is smooth over the multi-layered track. Brett, with his tight and polished mix and mastering skills, bumps the song to another level as Christian’s lyrics and silky vocals continuously raise the heat.

Lyricists Brett and Christian take an agile approach to creating an uplifting self-empowerment and party song. Their premise is about living their highest potential and focusing on their goals rather than what other people are thinking or doing. Everything is free-flowing and nothing can go wrong, because life is good when your attitude is positive.

The tight groove in the bass beat and the high-frequency hit-hat will have your head boppin’. The rap flow is nicely layered with R & B and soul influences as the lyrics repeat the chorus:

10 full shots deep. Fill it full of vanity. Even in my sleep, I'm the fuckin' best I see. Every time I sing. my voice got her on her knees, when they fill my drink up, I just fill it full of vanity."

On Impulse, know how to hype themselves up and put out a healthy amount of confidence. And why shouldn't they? Their artistry is about being the best and representing themselves in the best light and making others feel like they can do the same.

“Shot Full of Vanity” is a party banger that is poppin’ and will have you boppin’ your head, taking your attitude to the highest level. In a time when negativity surrounds us, "Shot Full of Vanity" is refreshing and uplifting shot of encouragement.

On Impulse will continue to strive and thrive in the rap scene as they incinerate the stage with their dynamic beats, encouraging lyrics,smooth rap, and lush vocals. For more information, please visit On Impulse's website.

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