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  • Bryon Harris

Ohnlé - "Take Me"

Review by Dylan Lloyd

Ohnlé’s new song “Take Me” is a new revitalization of modern pop that brings in elements of hip hop and 80s pop to create this upbeat track. The synthesizers and keyboards help augment the sound of this song in a way that brings in sounds from the 80s while remaining current with the sounds of modern pop music. The drums on “Take Me” not only drive the feel of the song forward but also play into the hip-hop influence on this song as well.

The lyrics on “Take Me” are romantic and upbeat in how they are sung on this track. The combination of melodic choices and the lyrical inflection on this song by the vocalist help convey that this is undoubtedly a passionate song. As he sings, “And I see why I can’t leave you alone” and “Take me to the moon baby” it drives home the emotions they are feeling for the girl they are singing about. The lyrics of this song also give the listener a feeling of how they indeed are a “lucky fella” because of the way the girl makes them feel for knowing them.

Overall, “Take Me” by Ohnlé is an energetic and upbeat song that is extremely enjoyable to listen to. Ohnlé seamlessly melds elements of modern and classic pop, hip hop, and R&B genres altogether on this song. Whether the listener focuses on the lyrics or the music of “Take Me”, they certainly will not be disappointed at all listening to Ohnlé’s new song.


About Ohnlé

Hailed by fans as “feel-good music, with a unique sound”, Ohnlé music has its roots in Pop and R&B setting his signature sound of Pop/R&B Fusion, but wets the appetite of other genre palates, using musical mixtures of Rock, Reggae, Jazz, and Country. From head-bopping, upbeat tempos that inspire fun, new beginnings, and sprouting relationships, to slow-grooving ballads that empathize with love and heartbreak; his music mantra is versatility, substance, and journey. Versatility inspired by his loathe of being "Put in a box" or limited, sparking his thrive in producing his own music, directing his own videos, etc. Substance inspired by the subject matter in his lyrics, to connect with the listener on a an emotional level. Journey inspired by not shying away from his growth in quality, and embracing his storytelling abilities by taking his fans on an arcing journey via music or visually.

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