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Of Sea and Stone - "I Love You, Goodbye"

By Dan Richard & Staff

“I love you, Goodbye” is a song about the internal struggle and pain of lost love. The pain of heartbreak and trying to understand its meaning has plagued humanity for centuries and singer duet Luke and Morgan Dierker beautifully express this conflicting struggle with intimate harmonies and mournful lyrics. It’s guaranteed to bring a few tears to your eyes while simultaneously soothing your heart.

The arrangement features the classic country band lineup, including Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Drums, and a killer Solo Violin. Everything about the performances here are affectionate and somber, from the delicate tremolo picking in the intro to the laid-back drums that imbue just enough energy into the 2nd chorus that really helps this song tug at your heart. The solo violin gently enters during the 2nd verse and gets the chance to really soar and cry in the climactic bridge. The piece ends even softer than it began with one last iteration of the chorus that brings to mind a final light going out, an acceptance of an end to something beautiful.

The lyrics immediately feel relatable with the back and forth between Luke and Morgan making this internal struggle of love all the more perceptive to the listener. They bring to mind trying to reconcile being at the end of a relationship that felt so right for so long. “Two ships sailing in the same direction, but the winds have somehow changed.” There is a feeling here that when the light of a passionate love goes out, it’s done so by some other force of nature. It’s neither partner's fault sometimes. This however doesn’t help to ease one’s heart as Luke sings, “Maybe I should chase you, every time you drive away”. “I Love You, Goodbye” is a heartbreak anthem that perfectly captures what the maddening and fickle thing we call love is and will have you singing and swinging along with it in no time.

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About Of Sea and Stone

Of Sea and Stone is an emerging Americana duo known for their polished vocal harmonies and intimate songwriting. Their sound ranges from joyful to solemn, hopeful to desperate, with raw, honest lyrics carried by their haunting melodies. The duo consists of Luke Dierker and Morgan Dierker, who met in January 2014 through the popular dating app Tinder. The two quickly discovered their natural vocal chemistry and began writing together in Morgan’s hometown of Columbia, MO.

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