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Nxll - 'Animal'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Nxll is hungry for success in his electrifying song "Animal." An ambient Syfy beat starts the groove as a massive sub-bass introduces Nxll's gritty rap vocals. The catch trap backbeat, with its electronic sound effects and hip-hop groove, keeps the flow moving forward as Nxll captivates you with his rapid lyric delivery. Nxll's bustling instrumentation and backbeat are rich and complex.

Notus produced the beat track; it's a program that creates killer backtracks. The inspiration for this track came to Nxll as he listened to a pack of beats sent to him by Notus. He came across the instrumental, felt the energy it had, and immediately started writing. Listeners will undoubtedly feel the same fire through Nxll's heavy bass beats and aggressive rap style.

"Animal" is about animalistic behavior and the fierceness and power he has in achieving his goals. His hunger for success and fame to be number one is evident and powerful as he raps fiercely,

"Bitch! I'm an animal, all my niggas cannibal. I feel like I'm Hannibal, so hot I'm feeling flammable. So, hot I bring the sun out, so hot I bring the sun. I could get you whacked, Lil nigga. I don't need a gun."

Nxll is a dynamic and innovative rap artist with raspy vocals and a unique rap flow. He is a talented and driven young artist with an exciting and soulful rap style. "Animal" is all about thriving on your own terms and being at the top of the food chain. His fire and desire combined with electric instrumentations will compel you to listen to this incredible rapper. Stream on Spotify

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About Nxll

Nxll is a rapper from Prince George’s County, MD. Always having a strong inclination towards music, he started his career off as a music producer during his junior year of high school and was rapping by his freshman year in college.

Nxll draws influences from the works of Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, Travis Scott and Tyler The Creator, just to name a few. Now at the age of 23 he has crafted his own unique sonic style which has many dark undertones to complement his voice and give him the perfect soundscape to convey whatever image he sees fit.


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