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  • Bryon Harris

NuWaves feat. QC Jay - “O.M.G.”

“O.M.G.” by NuWaves feat. QC Jay and Dray Solis is a buoyant rap tune bound to be stuck in every listener’s head.

“O.M.G.” has all the makings of a new pop hit with its catchy hook and easy-going vibe. The song opens into an ambient sonic landscape full of tension, leading us into the refrain with the drop of the beat. Sharp and punchy, the trap drum beat is driving but not overpowering, leaving room for the vocals to soar over the rhythm. Sidling below the crisp beat, sub-bass bubbles up in short spurts of rich, heavy sound. The low tones are subtle, but they add another element of percussion to the track and fill out the deep low end of the mix.

The vocal hook takes hold of the track’s focus, glowing at the center of the arrangement with rhythmic, catchy melodies that are perfect to sing along with. Complete with lively ad-libs, the refrain section has a call-and-response flow to it, almost innately inviting listeners to jump in.

The verses slip in and out of rapping and singing until the two vocal styles melt into one another, fueling the vocal delivery with a rhythmic liveliness. With the advantage of two featured vocalists, QC Jay and Dray Solis, conversing musically throughout the track, NuWaves can use these two voices as separate instruments. They intertwine and meld together in a chorus of ad-libs and compelling lead vocal lines.

Featuring an earworm of a hook and two expressive vocalists, “O.M.G” by NuWaves ft. QC Jay is the perfect summer tune. Its smooth flow and rhythmic melodies are sure to draw listeners in and have them singing along in no time.


#QcJay #OMG #IndieSpoonful

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