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  • Bryon Harris

Nuawd Musiq - “Go Down”

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Go Down” is a smooth yet intense R&B banger. Clean, flashy sounds and brilliant writing converge to create a killer song. Vocal hooks are catchy and engaging while flows are sharp and incisive. The backing track is extremely well done, giving the entire track a comfortable feeling of quality. The song is richly layered without ever sounding crowded. The vocal performances have a star quality…this song belongs in the top 40.

Lyrically, “Go Down” is uplifting and respectful. Nuawd Musiq does a fantastic job of writing a sexual love song that is empowering to men and women alike.

“I never imagined you’d be my wife building on this dream, this thing called life facing all these struggles, heartaches, and pains, a strong black woman smiling through the rain.”

These lyrics are delivered with a cool passion.

“Let me be the one to fulfill your every need It's about to go down starting slow now…in the bed.”

Listeners will love the sexy, intimate feeling of this song.

The arrangement of “Go Down” is intricate and impressive. Huge kick and bass sounds create a smooth pavement over which the vocal tracks can cruise. Drum programming is expertly done, while the subtle keyboard and guitar layering inject the song with romance. Vocal takes are confident and expressive, delivering the song’s message with authenticity and authority. “Go Down” is a hit.


About Nuawd Musiq

Born and raised in Los Angeles Ca, Nuawd Musiq born D'waun Roberson has always had a passion for music. He started singing at the early age of 11 which lead him to share the stage with some of the biggest names in the music industry. As a child, Nuawd sustained abuse, neglect, and so many more challenges, he turned to writing as a way out. He has currently written about a dozen songs, each speaking to a particular struggle and or desire. He now lives in Miami Florida with his wife and son. His new singles Marry You, Go Down and Status will be sure to get you in the groove.

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