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Nikki Neretin - 'Lady Jane Grey'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Lady Jane Grey” opens with pensive and wistful acoustic guitar chords. Neretin’s vocals are strong and confidently present, delivering a modal melody with fascinating vocal processing. The arrangement of this song is an absolute pleasure.

An extended intro deceives listeners and lulls them in, allowing the song to deliver a knockout punch with its 2nd section. This music is delightfully surprising and heavy as hell. Acoustic and electric guitars blend classically over a bedrock of a solid rock and roll rhythm section. Neretin is joined by Rob Taube, musical co-conspirator, producer and musician, and drummer Larry Eagle who is a Grammy award winning session drummer for Bruce Springsteen

Lyrically, “Lady Jane Grey” is poetic and loaded with sharp metaphor pertinent to today’s culture. “The human condition, Demands anesthesia.” Neretin delivers these lyrics with a rawness that makes them jump out at listeners. “You can pray that your parachute will open if you don’t have wings you’ll never fly.” The lyrics also tell the story of a queen doomed to beheading, “All she had left were the lines she’d been fed, That sweet baby jane, Was given away, By the people in charge of keeping her safe.” The song inspires reflection and compassion in listeners.

“Lady Jane Grey” has everything you would want in an indie rock epic. Its contrasting sections are equally compelling, and the overall narrative it beautiful. Production values are sky high, giving brilliant songwriting its proper treatment and weaving all timbers together perfectly. Neretin shines with her soulful, energetic delivery. “Lady Jane Grey” is a song that you’ll want to hear again and again.

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About Nikki Neretin

Nikki is an exciting original indie/rock singer and songwriter who is starting a revolution for music, fun, community and wide world change. Her original, provocative and catchy rock/pop songs cover many real-life themes: the 5 M's, music, medicine, motherhood, marriage and menopause.


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