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  • Bryon Harris

Nigel & Evan - 'Back Again'

Review Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Back Again” is a party from start to finish. Filled with bright and vibrant synths, there is a wonderful energy present here that will make you feel like your best self.

The beat is easily felt, and it is very danceable. This is the kind of song that feels like a euphoric release, it is here to help you set yourself free from the drama of life. There is a wonderful sense of hope wrapped up in this message and it will make you want to listen to “Back Again” over and over again.

The lyrics of “Back Again” are reflecting on how deeply frustrating it can be when you’re dealing with a lot of drama and you just want to get out of it. The lyrics are written in a way that is very clear and to the point, which elevates the song to the level of being an epic anthem for any listener who is going through something similar. “And I’m so sick of all the drama in my life, you say that who I am is such a crime, so take another sip of your wine, don’t wanna hear another word.”

The arrangement features lots of colorful synths and a confident beat that pulses and fluctuates like a strobe light. This is such a perfect song to play at a club, party, or with your friends driving around. The arrangement is really well balanced as the synths in the verses are warmer and less bright, giving the verse a more low-key vibe. Then for each chorus the synths are fully unleashed, and the song really blasts off. Lots of buoyant arpeggiator synths and light percussion also dance around “Back Again” adding tasteful ornamentation. Nigel & Evan’s vocals have a nice synthetic touch to the sound allowing it to blend seamlessly with the electronic bed that the instrumental arrangement has created. “Back Again” is an instant banger and you’ll be jumping up and down right along with the song.

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About Nigel & Evan

Nigel & Evan is an American Pop Duo group originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The duo includes Nigel Seibert on drums and Evan Pietrzak as the lead singer. Nigel & Evan write their music with only one thing in mind and that is just to have fun. Whether you’re a hardcore party animal or just like to get in your feels, Nigel & Evan have a song for you!

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