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Nicki Kris - 'Undone'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“Undone” is a song that deserves to be the next James bond theme song. It’s incredibly cool and cinematic. There is such a strong sense of mood and it thrives in its idiosyncrasies. Halfway through Nicki Kris will give you whiplash with how she changes up the song. You’ll be kept on your toes throughout the whole song enjoying every step of the journey. It’s very rare for a song to create multiple different vibes within one track and have them gel so well together, but that is exactly what Nicki Kris has accomplished.

The lyrics of “Undone” have a dark and fiery passion to them. The stylings of the lyrics all reflect the title of the song perfectly. Kris sings of things that fall apart, come undone, and unwind. Much like love so often does in all of our lives. “You pull the thread, it slowly tears apart, unwinding everything we built from the start”. Her lyrics beautifully express the sadness that comes with heart break, yet she also infuses a sense of hope in moving on. “My eyes are open, now I’m wide awake, running from our past, now I can’t escape, let it all burn and walk away.”

The arrangement comes in powerful like a storm right from the very beginning with some angry sounding brass and powerful sounding FX. They then surprise the listener by having this intro lead into a piano ballad section that features dynamic and smooth vocals from Nicki Kris. The duet harmonies are also very tasty and soothing throughout the song. The electronic kit, sub bass, and harmonic content really give this song a dark atmosphere that lends itself to movie imagery. The song then kicks into a whole new gear halfway through and really rocks hard. This new surprise creates such excitement in the song and makes for a truly epic chorus that feels so good to sing along too. “Undone” is very unique and beautifully melds together many different atmospheres and vibes into one badass track.

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About Nicki Kris

Award-winning, Billboard charting powerhouse, NickiKris is more than just a singer and songwriter, she is an empowered female voice with a passionate mission. Based in Raleigh, North Carolina, Nicki's music has captured an international audience. Her original music has been featured in award-winning movies, TV shows, and on radio stations worldwide. Nicki has also been on the official ballot for the Grammy Awards for the past eight years in numerous categories.

Nicki’s unique and powerful diva essence vocals have been compared to artists such as Pink and Adele, as well as top female rockers, Pat Benatar and Stevie Nicks. Nicki's fresh and modern approach to songwriting has won her much acclaim and recognition throughout her career. When not working on her own music or various collaboration projects, Nicki is a champion for women in the music and entertainment industry. She is the popular and witty host of Mixing It with NickiKris, broadcast on the SIMRadio Network.

Nicki is also co-founder of Sisters In Music (SIM) an organization which promotes and encourages educational opportunities, collaborative musical works and performances among women to raise awareness and funding for various female focused charities.

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