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  • Bryon Harris

Nathan’s Brother- "Mind At Ease"

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Mind at Ease” is chock-full of indie charm and upbeat energy. Unconventional and lighthearted, the bouncy nature of this song’s acoustic strumming creates an uplifting and infectious feeling. The overall sound of the instruments puts listeners right into the recording room. This song develops from a crunchy jam-band groove into a weighty chorus that features a nicely arranged back up vocal. Through twists and turns, “Mind at Ease” never loses its groove.

Lyrically “Mind at Ease” is a powerful, simple mantra. “Come on, set my mind at ease tonight.” Listeners will surely be singing along to this catchy chorus. “Feels like I’m always on the run, But what am I running from?” This is a song that encourages us to take a step back and take stock of the present moment. “Tell me precisely what to do, So I know where I’m running to.”

Instrumentally, “Mind at Ease” layers in a classic and fun way. The bass line is bright and present. Hand percussion sits comfortably low in the mix, and the drum track develops nicely between “tom grooves” and syncopated hi-hat lines. An expressive guitar solo adds another dimension to the song while the lead vocal sells an honest delivery.

Overall, “Mind at Ease” has a courageous heart and beams unrelenting positivity. Listeners can’t but help but fall under its spell. Make sure you have some room to dance when you play “Mind at Ease.”


About Nathan's Brother

Starting as a guitar and bass guitar player doing more and more vocals and occasionally using the piano to write songs, this eclectic musician from Haarlem in The Netherlands eventually took up drum and vocal lessons to become a true one-man-band.

‘One-man’ because every discipline, (including writing, recording, and mixing) is taken on as such but still deserving of the moniker ‘band’ because every instrument is played like a focused band member often recorded in a period in which that given instrument was rehearsed exclusively and tirelessly.

Nathan’s Brother’s debut album ‘Spot On’ is, therefore, a true rendition of the music inside a single man’s head without being over-discussed and averaged out by multiple people wanting to have a say, making it a collection of truly refreshing tunes that sonically explore the territory between Alt-Country, Brit-Folk-Rock, and Indie-Pop.

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