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  • Bryon Harris

Natalis - 'But God'

Review by Patrick Joseph

“But God” opens with riveting percussion rhythms, establishing an intricate forward propulsion that carries the tune from beginning to end. A vocal hook is established immediately, simmering with intensity. Rhythmic bass lines weave together with guitar patterns to paint a finely detailed musical picture. The vocal tracks sits confidently over this burning groove and delivers the song’s message with grace and poise.

Lyrically, “But God” is an inspirational tale of overcoming adversity through faith. “But GOD!” this vocal hook becomes a mantra in the song, effectively winning over listeners. “The doctor said I won’t get better, Anxiety said I’m a failure.” Natalis delivers these lyrics with a rawness and humanity. “Whether big or small He answers your prayers.” Listener’s will hear the faith in Natalis’s voice.

The arrangement of “But God” shows mastery over musical composition. The groove established in this song is incredible. The amount of energy packaged in this music is inspiring. Always in total control, this is a song that knows exactly what to do and always does it well. A harmonically dense bridge layers vocal tracks together with breathtaking beauty. Finely tuned and intricately produced, this song is an absolute winner.

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About Natalis

Natalis Ruby Rubero, is a Multi-platinum selling, 2x’s Grammy Nominated singer songwriter straight out of the Bronx, NY. Her growing pains mainly took place in La Isla Del Encanto (Puerto Rico) with her grandparents, and on the Lower East Side with her mother and father. Her connection with music strengthened when she lost both her maternal grandparents and her father, who were all musicians. Her therapy became alone time in her room, writing poetry that would turn into belted lyrics, while pretending to be on stage. She spent hours watching concerts and staring at posters of her idols, visualizing that one day she would be contributing to the world similar to her super heroes. Now, you can experience Natalis' angelic voice appearing as a background vocalist on J. Cole's platinum selling album Born Sinner (Roc Nation) and Kanye West's Yeezus (Def Jam) and singing lead on the anthem of computer animated TV series, Bratz "Rock Angelz" (Hip-O Universal). Her pen has also been featured on international double platinum hit “Fuego” by 2018 Eurovision runner up, Eleni Foureira and most recently in the Lifetime biopic Wendy Williams The Movie.

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