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Natalie Clark - 'I See You'

Review by Abby Kenna & Staff

“I See You” by Natalie Clark is an uplifting pop hit featuring a vibrant arrangement. This catchy song is bound to not only captivate listeners with its musical charm, but invite them in with encouraging and hopeful lyricism.

“I See You” opens with a clear, picked guitar, its warm tone rich and already lush with color. The energy building up within the track is tangible, radiating through the atmospheric synths that twinkle in the background of the introductory guitar. When the beat drops, the song seems to open up, the sonic landscape widening with the addition of a punchy drumbeat and reverb-laden claps.

Natalie Clark’s voice grounds the mix, balancing each instrument with her unique vocal tone. Her melodies blossom from low tones, full and vivid at first, then sweeping up to more delicate high notes that showcase the rawness of the song. Clark’s voice has an edge of grit, complementing her rich resonance and further emphasizing the genuine meaning of “I See You”:

“At night you’re lying on your own

Trying to make it through the night, through the darkness

Do you ever feel that the world’s against you?”

The chorus explodes with a new depth of sound as strummed guitars and droning chords fill the mix with warmth and color. Tight harmonies surround Clark’s vocals, adding another layer of intensity to her words and soaring melodies. “I See You” explores reassurance and encouragement, and that lyrical sentiment is truly matched by the lively arrangement. The powerful expanse of instruments invite you into the strength of the song, allowing listeners to embrace its conviction as their own. Similarly, the lyrical content also addresses the listeners with warmth, reminding them that they are seen:

“Hey you, the one who’s out there

laying down the bricks trying to build a foundation

I see you…”

“I See You” is a colorful wave of positivity, the vivid instrumentals creating lush contrast within a full arrangement. Natalie Clark’s voice additionally expresses the song’s message in both her rich tone and inspiring lyricism, inviting listeners into a beautiful song.

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About Natalie Clark

Scottish singer-songwriter NatalieClark, who has reaped plaudits from Virgin’s Richard Branson and BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw was selected as a Mercedes Benz KTLA "Artist to Watch” after moving to the US. Natalie was featured in the Mercedes Benz commercial campaign which also included performances at the famous Roxy on Sunset, and The Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. She was handpicked to open for the Grammy award winning Indigo Girls tour and has been recording in L.A when not busy touring the US. Natalie received acclaim from multi-platinum artists such as Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton when she appeared on NBC’s The Voice, who praised her voice as ‘cool and powerful’ and ‘incredible’.

Since moving to the States, Natalie has opened festivals, toured the country, and was recently named a ‘Hot 100 Live Artist’ in Music Connection Magazine. She is also an official JH Audio featured artist. Natalie's recently released Livewire E.P has already received considerable attention in the sync licensing world, with tracks being featured in several Netflix shows and an international commercial campaign.

After giving up her teaching career in Scotland to pursue her dream of writing and playing music, the rising indie-pop artist made headlines in the U.K. when Richard Branson invited her to sing on-stage at a BBC Radio 1 Academy session in Glasgow. Natalie accepted his impromptu challenge, and sang 'Weakness', from her debut EP. It prompted Branson to proclaim: “That was absolutely and utterly stunning – no backing band, no musicians, no forewarning.” He later called her “inspiring”. Grimshaw, who was hosting the BBC Radio 1 Academy event, played ‘Weakness’ and further sang Natalie's praises on his BBC Radio 1 show the following day. Branson has since written several articles about Natalie, including a recent commentary on her record release on


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