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Nancy Kelel - 'I'm Thankful For You'

Nancy Kelel hails from Detroit Michigan. She moved west to Los Angeles with aspirations to become a professional songwriter. Nancy composes soft pop and adult contemporary on both piano and guitar. Songwriting influences range from Carole King, John Legend, Diane Warren, Harriet Schock and span all the way to Adele. She currently performs her songs at showcases both in and out of the Greater Los Angeles area. She is the “2019 Songsalive! Songwriter Of The Year” award recipient. Songsalive is an international songwriting organization. Nancy's songs have been recorded by well known Los Angeles artist Pat Whiteman. Her songs "When She's Around" and “I’m Thankful For You” placed as semi-finalists in The UK Songwriting Contest. She was also a semi-finalist in The Songwriter Of The Year Contest. Her song “It Never Occurred To Me” was selected for National Indie Radio's “2020 Women To Watch” to observe National Women’s Month.

Nancy's song " I’m Thankful For You" is featured on National Indie Radio's 'Spirit & Soul" radio show which hosts exceptional inspirational artists and songwriters. Nancy's touching song is sure to move your soul.

Commencing with a lovely melodic piano and moving strings, a contemplative mood is established. The introduction subsides as the piano changes to soft downbeat chords making space for Nancy's expressive vocal entrance on the first verse. "I want you to know just what you did for me. My sentiments long overdue ,I asked the Lord to find the words to say Thoughts from my heart and straight to you." Her pristine articulation is superb keeping listeners locked in to every word. As the song moves forward, a gorgeous cello line weaves around the vocals. The piano composition develops both harmonically and dynamically. A short pre-chorus section builds masterfully to the catchy chorus which blooms beautifully. "You prayed over me when I was troubled You prayed over me in my despair You prayed over me when I was crying With a message that you shared God sees us through I’m thankful for you."

"Thankful for You" is about giving and receiving. When there is heavy burden to bare, dark days and despair, one of the greatest gifts is receiving hope through prayer. Taking the time to pray for someone is truly an act of love. "You gave me hope when I lost my way Turning the darkness to a brighter day. You prayed over me when I was troubled." The lyrics go on to describe returning this act of love by praying for the person who prayed for you.

"I'm Thankful for You" is a beautiful, moving song. Get a box of Kleenex ready as this song will surely pull on your heart strings and it's profound meaning will bring tears to your eyes in a joyful way. Nancy Kelel's "I'm Thankful for You" will move your heart and uplift your spirits with it's beautiful melodies and meaningful lyrics. Nancy's songwriting craft shine musically and with a bright light.


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