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“My Baby” by Linda Sussman

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“My Baby” is an incredibly soulful and texturally satisfying country blues song. Its minimalistic instrumentation does so much for its strong atmosphere and powerful melodic lines. This is the kind of song that is born from the deep south; this style has so much history and culture in its sound. You can practically feel the sun beating down on you while relaxing and sipping a refreshing drink when listening to “My Baby.” Linda Sussman has created a track that is both deeply familiar and invigorating.

Lyrically, Linda Sussman is taking a lighthearted approach to the peculiarities of jealousy and trust when dealing with the confines of love. She writes in a way that calls upon the stylings of classic blues lyrics, while giving them a modern twist. “My baby left me cold, it shot a mighty chill through my bones, what I found on the kitchen floor, were the roses that I bought from the store.” Her lyrics are so vivid, you can feel exactly what she is talking about and reflect on a similar experience you may have had.

The instrumentation of “My Baby” is exactly what it needs to be, and it really sounds wonderful. The several guitars all perfectly blend with one another, creating a textural landscape that has lots of hills and valleys. The slide guitar especially brings to light the classic blues sound and the performance is so emotive. There are a few bendy guitar licks that pop in every so often and they are really precise and well timed. Linda Sussman’s vocals are gentle, yet still very expressive. She sings with a strong sense of pleasure, but you can also feel the pain she has experienced in her performance as she sings from her heart. “My Baby” is a classic country blues song that will bring up all kinds of nostalgic feelings for you while you sing along.

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About Linda Sussman LINDA SUSSMAN is a New York-based singer-songwriter (solo/band) whose music crosses lines of alt-folk and blues and whose songs span universal themes such as love, heartache, triumphs and social justice. Linda's vocals are reminiscent of Joan Baez and Joni Mitchell and are backed by her strong rhythm and fingerpicking guitar styles, with a touch of slide. Within 2 months of its Feb 2021 release, Linda's latest album, These Walls, ranked #1 on the Roots Music Report's Top 50 Alternative Folk Album Chart. These Walls is Linda's third full-length album of originals, following Pass It On Down (2019) and Every Road (2018), but is the only album recorded from each musician's home studio during the COVID-19 lockdown. Linda typically tours as a solo artist, though back at home in the NY Metro area, she can also be heard with her full band, the Linda Sussman Collective. Linda's music is played internationally on stations across the US, UK, Europe, Israel, Canada, Australia and elsewhere. For more information about Linda Sussman, please visit her website.


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