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Moving in Slow - 'Clean Your Room'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

Moving in Slow was born and raised in Miami, Florida. He started playing music at a young age, 11 years old. He was always fascinated and inspired by the way a song could bring about so many different emotions in people. Currently, Moving in Slow makes music that reflects his feelings, perceptions, and experiences. Hi single, "Clean Your Room" of his latest release the EP, Easy/Clean Your Room, is a great way to acquainted with his talent.

A soft synth drone and crisp percussive beats support the foundation of Moving in Slow's 'Clean Your Room. The tempo is a pensive mid-ballad. The vibe is dreamlike and atmospheric. Along with 16th notes on the upbeat, the percussion taps on each 4/4 downbeat create a light and mesmerizing groove. As the verses develop, additional legato and melodic phrasing is added to the arrangement.

The track's sparse introduction paves the path for Moving in Slow's vocals to enter on the first verse and take center stage. "Trying to be in love with me must be exhausting. I’ll understand why you leave. I’ll understand why." Moving in Slow presents an excellent vocal performance. His smooth and subdued vocals captivate as he draws the listener in to each word. His chill vibe is easy to listen to and keeps your ears locked in.

Lyrically, 'Clean Your Room' is not about some command your mother gives you when stuff is piling up. The analogy refers to the kind of mess that might make someone leave a relationship.

With an introspective edge, 'Clean Your Room' dives into recognizing your own issues. The song does not blame or judge. Instead, it ponders and reflects with empathy and understanding. Sometimes you make a mess of things and you get why someone left you. At the same time, the lyrics reflect that self-awareness leads to change. "I’ll probably change in passing seasons."

"Just go I don’t wanna disappoint you I know if I’ll try then I’ll annoy you So I’ll leave you alone."

A bridge section uses nice musical word painting as Movng in Slow sings, "But now I’m such a mess" and the music drops down to percussion and bass only.

Moving in Slow's "Clean Your Room" is a thoughtful song with universal lyrics that everyone can relate to. Everyone has had the moment when you realize your own house needs to be attended to. Delivered by appealing, smooth and chill vocals, listeners will be hooked on every word. Coloring outside the box, the song does not fit into one genre and will attract fans of indie, pop, chill music and more.

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