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Moana A - 'Wild Card'

Review by Sylvie Marie and Staff

Moana A’s “Wild Card” is a dynamic song that combines influences of pop and Americana. As the vocals enter with a nice smoky timbre, you are immediately drawn in. Moana's voice is supported by a steady pulse of quarter-note chords on piano, the foundation of the song's intensity. Soon, the drums enter with a “4 to the floor” kick and accents of a metallic sweep that pans from ear to ear on every 2nd beat of the measure, making an engaging stereo image.

The exciting and fresh arrangement of the verses steadily builds the song's energy leading to a quick rest before emerging into the chorus with a huge sound. The percussion builds and the addition of bass and layers of guitars bolster the instrumental section to match Moana’s bold vocals. A brilliant clapping section will have you joining in. The chorus trails out with a twangy lick that give the record a blue-grassy tinge. Throughout the song, the arrangement consistently adds surprising new elements that weave in and out of the soundscape making for and overall compelling track.

Co-written and produced by LAIN with guitar and bass by Ananda Dhar James, “Wild Card” is a song about not being afraid to be yourself and instills self-confidence by sending a message that you don’t need to chip away parts of yourself to accommodate the expectations of others. In the chorus she exclaims this message singing,

“No, I cannot be tamed /I won’t be kept in chains /Oh I can’t be contained / My throne I have reclaimed /And now I hold the reins / No diamonds, hearts, or spades / I’m a wild card.”

The song has great feminist overtones proclaiming that she isn't going to fit inside a box society has made for her.

"I’m a lady, but that’s not all / Not on display, I’m not a doll / I am loud, boy, I’m a scandal Uh huh."

In "Wild Card," Moana A shows that she truly is a wild card artist - with stellar songwriting skills, powerful vocals, mixed genres, and anthem lyrics, she knows how to boldly 'color outside the lines' engaging listeners with tasteful surprises from start to finish while delivering a strong, catchy song that is radio-ready.

For more information on Moana A., please visit her website.

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About Moana A

Moana (that is her real name, sorry Disney) became a natural Wild Card

while growing up on a sailboat in Saint Martin. Her first album “dotted” was crowdfunded via IndieGogo in 2013, and followed by an endorsement deal with Daisy Rock Guitars.

Based in LA, she regularly makes time to tour the world: Abu Dhabi, Indonesia, India, the Mediterranean region, the Caribbean, and all over the USA. She’s also a singer for the YouTube hit kids’ show Badanamu.

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