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  • Bryon Harris

MJ - 'Houston Strong'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Female rapper MJ was born in Redondo Beach, Ca but raised in Pensacola, FL. She began her musical journey in 2011, spitting freestyles on Odd Future Wolf Gang tracks. n 2014, she released her debut album, Live Through Me. After relocating to Houston, TX she followed up with a mixtape titled "MEEZUS". The artist is inspired by both the hard hitting style of Southern rap and the smoothness of soul. A great way to get acquainted with MJ's undeniable talent is to check out her song, "Houston Strong."

MJ’s “Houston Strong” is a classic “repping the hometown” rap that shows off MJ’s strong confidence and dynamic skills as a rapper. The song kicks off with an up-beat, syncopated melody on synth chimes accompanied by an array of sound effects. A deep, edgy groove is created. The stellar production continues to layer up with additional melodies and sound effects leading up to a momentous, huge drop of the sub bass queuing MJ’s entrance on the hook.

MJ jumps on the track boasting an all-out upfront and aggressive style to match the hard trap beat. MJ is a female rapper who is on fire. Her style exudes originality and creativity. Her rhyme captivates and her rhythm is tight in-the-pocket.

"Houston Strong" is a social justice song that resonates with conviction supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. "Lives are lost In the streets In the schools shooter white different rules. Shooter black, shoot him back." The song exudes resiliency and power. MJ's lyrics will stick with you for a long time after you've heard her. She is direct and says it like it is with raw truth on her side.

“Counting racks/Mounting stacks/Houston Texas/Always got my back/Shooting rocket / When we boosting pockets/Liberate the masses/Furious and fast/But we never crash /Put me on the map Iike an atlas / We everywhere like a Texan / Shopping at the West end You can get it anywhere.”

MJ flawlessly works with the intricate production chops making for enticing rhythmic phrases that keep you captivated.

“Houston Strong” is a great addition to MJ’s rep with an addictive beat that you’ll want to keep going back to over and over again. MJ is a young rapper on the rise and she is as strong as "Houston Strong" with rap that has meaning and message and a confident flow that captivates.

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