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Mitch Linker - 'Full Moon'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Mitch Linker’s new song “Full Moon,” from his EP Maybe Tomorrow, is an enchanting alternative pop and contemporary rock song. The music starts with a heavy beat echoing in the background introducing a more dominant rock rhythm. Electric guitar, drums, and electric bass set the groove as Mitch’s bright vocal introduces the vibrant melody. The rock beat progresses in the chorus creating an intense dynamic as it builds into the bridge. Mitch collaborated with Producer Brett Kull, creating an intense and heavenly rock song. The instrumentation in “Full Moon” is cleverly arranged and produced.

The inspiration for the song came from an evening drive last spring. Mitch was driving on the highway in Central Connecticut and, as he looked out into the clear night sky, he saw a beautiful view. He thought to himself at that moment, “you'd never know what was happening around us - suffering and strife.” After his moment of reflection, he drove home and wrote the lyrics for “Full Moon.” Everything poured out of him with ease. The sky gave him a different perspective on how the world looks. There is beauty and loveliness in the world, and you forget about all the horror that happens when you stop and look at the glorious sky. As he sings,

“Nothing’s wrong; Nothing’s changed

Out here, everything’s in place

No blame, no horror stories

No hate, no disgrace.

Stars and city lights are shining on

The full moon lights up the whole world tonight

Silhouette starlight and me

from here it all looks so serene”

A brilliant songwriter, Mitch Linker is a multi-talented musician with incredible vitality and passion. His artistry is energetic and insightful with influences of the 80s and 90s rock melodies and rhythms. Mitch's angelic rock vocals and dynamic performance will have you enthralled. "Full Moon" is hypnotic with its upbeat groove and catchy lyrics. Mitch's musical skills are outstanding, and his music is relatable, expressive, and insightful.

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About Mitch Linker

MitchLinker gained some national exposure and critical acclaim both in his bands The Dent and The Day Traders in the 90s and early 00s, as well as for his two solo releases in 2005 and 2007. After his 2007 solo album, Learn How To Love, Mitch left music to pursue other interests. He didn't just back-burner music, however, he completely stopped. For 12 years, he didn't write, record, perform, or even sing.

Then, somewhat inexplicably, late last year he started writing again. Soon after, he contacted his old collaborator Brett Kull to see if he wanted to work on some new music. In March, he released his first new music in 13 years, a four-song EP called "I'll Take My Chances." Eight months later, he's back with another EP, "Maybe Tomorrow."

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