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Mirror Point - 'Shine On'

Review by Sylvie Marie & Staff

If you are listening to Mirror Point for the first time then get ready to hear some very fine musicianship. Mirror Point is a rock ‘n roll duo based in Sanford, North Carolina consisting of Marc Killian and Travis Jones. They were both raised on rock, but have blended blues, soul, R & B, country, and pop music for a unique sound. Marc Killian (vocals, guitar, drums, recording engineer) and Travis Jones (bass) are two musicians who set the stage, and the recording studio, on fire. A great way to get to know their undeniable talent is through their latest single, "Shine On." There's a bio of the the duo below that you should check out after you read this review as these fine musicians have really interesting backgrounds like opening for bands like Foreigner (Marc) and being in Army Special Operations (Travis).

"Shine On" starts with a slick, clean guitar lick that commences on the offbeat and drops onto the record like melted butter. It's the kind of opening that sort of blows your hair back like a gush of wind. The rest of the instrumentation comes in with a kicking hard-rock groove, loaded with gritty guitar rock, funky-fine bass lines, and hard-hitting drums. This is the kind of jam that gets your head bopping. It's awesome.

As the arrangement gives way, Marc commences singing, "We are from a different culture We aren't a different breed / We're all trudging thru this bullshit / Plagued by the same disease." Marcs' voice is masculine, confident and articulate. He has a message and it comes across with passion and guts. He's a true front-man.

Throughout the track, there's a lot of texture and nuance to keep your ears fully engaged including great guitar riff work, superb bass lines, and fantastic instrumental transitions between verses where Marc and Travis are so in-the-pocket, they redefine the meaning of being musically tight. Finally, there's an all out jam where the guitar gets down! It's an exciting moment full of attitudinal rock-grooves and a great sound.

The chorus pops of the track with a catchy melody and greet meaning:

"Shine a light so we can clearly see / It’s not just you and me that needs change / Shine a light and come out from the dark / Letting goes the easy part, just be brave And shine on."

"Shine On" is about letting the light inside you shine by getting rid of the things that are bringing you down in your own life and in society. The lyrics mention letting go of petty issues, turning off negative voices and vibes, and ultimately washing any hate out of your life and embracing what unites us instead.

"Mirror Point"( in the world of science) has to do with motion and magnetism and it's the perfect name for this band. The motion is found in their energetic, always interesting, rock music arrangements full of substance and skill. The magnetism is heard in their great lyrics, passionate vocal delivery, and tight-as-hell duo playing.

"Shine On" shines with phenomenal musicianship, arranging, and songwriting. If you are looking for a rock band you can respect, look at "Mirror Point."


More About Marc and Travis of Mirror Point

Marc Killian

Growing up on his parent's tour bus during his early years, Marc was raised around the music business. As a young drummer, his natural musical ability was fostered and encouraged by some of the best in the business, and he has shared the stage with many touring musicians through the years. Marc now plays guitar, drums, and sings with his group Mirror Point, shaping Mirror Point’s music to not just one genre but anything that gets in his ear, under his skin, and gets him moving. Having his studio and a place to write, record, and perform music with other like-minded musicians is what keeps him sane, happy, and rocking.

Travis Jones

Born Cajun but raised in Texas, Travis was transplanted to North Carolina in the ’90s and has been there ever since. As a Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division and Army Special Operations Travis uses his life experiences as a father, Soldier, American, and observer of life to help sketch ideas and feelings into a framework of words that connects anyone who hears them. His perspective provides a great counterpoint in the songwriting process. Lyrically, his framework is to not make overt or explicit points in his songs but to have the audience make their own interpretations.

Early in Travis’ musical career, he spent time with many garage bands in Texas, performing talent shows and at youth centers. Most recently, he has been all over the local music scene in Raleigh and Fayetteville North Carolina.

Band Bio

Mirror Point is a Rock ‘n Roll duo based in Sanford, North Carolina consisting of Marc Killian and Travis Jones. They were both raised on Rock ‘n Roll, but have blended Blues, Soul, RnB, Country, Pop, and Rock music into a flow of rhythmic songs from the vantage point of lives seasoned by musicians who just want to chase their dreams, regardless of their age. Having become friends within the local music scene, Marc and Travis were immediately drawn to each other creatively through various projects and sought to join forces and pursue music of their own.


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