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Miri Hunter - 'My Soul Will Be Restored'

Miri Hunter is part of the duo Hunter and the Wick’d but she has also written and performed as a solo artist under the name of Miri Hunter Harauch and with her band Sheba’s Caravan. Born and raised in the Southern United States, Miri was highly influenced by southern country music, blues, and rock-n-roll. As a student of classical piano, Miri fell in love with the polyphonic music of the German Baroque. When traveling throughout Europe and parts of the Middle East studying music and history, Miri discovered the sounds of Arabic and African drumming and ancient spiritual texts. Her song "My Soul Will Be Restored" is a shining example of Miri's spiritual and soulful music. Miri Hunter along with Linda Tillery and Ofer deliver a unique mixture of musical and cultural elements through their uplifting tune “My Soul Will Be Restored.” Hunter wrote the lyrics and music, and she performs the lead vocal and percussion. Tillery adds backing vocals and percussion; and Ofer performs Hebrew translation and chant.

This world-style record sets things off with layers of grooving, syncopated hand drumming that is reminiscent of African drumming, utilizing different forms of percussion like shakers and djembes. This is the kind of groove that entrances you.

The song invites you to feel like you are one with the music, to close your eyes, breath, and sway to the music while a certain spiritual healing washes over you.

With the groove set, Hunter sings through verses based on the 23rd Psalm from Tehillim ultimately sending a universally positive message as each section ends with “my soul will be restored.” Her voice is joyful and warm.

“Have mercy on me the days of my life Let goodness follow me the days of my life Just let me go where I’ll be restored Forever I will dwell My soul will be restored”

The lyrics of this song are based on the 23rd Psalm. It incorporates images of the Divine Feminine into the story of healing and refuge. In Judaism, the Divine Feminine is called the Shekhinah, under Her wings we are nurtured, protected and guided. She is wisdom.

About midway through the piece, Ofer enters with a Hebrew speak-flow backed by harmonic layers of chanting that pulse more rhythmic energy into the arrangement. You can hear a rhythmic breathing where the body becomes an instrument intertwined with the drumming.

This collaboration of African and Hebrew elements in "My Soul Will Be Restored" makes for an enchanting and memorable music experience that you’ll want to both hear and feel for yourself. "My Soul Will Be Restored" enters into the realm of spiritual and inspirational with a song that has the ability to change you with sound healing drumming elements and ancient words of wisdom for you mind, body and soul.

Listen on Spotify.

Check out more music by Miri Hunter at Hunter and the Wick's website.


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