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  • Bryon Harris

Mind Body & Soul - Love Is (Part 2)

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Love Is” boasts an undeniable groove. Classic in its sound and feel, this is R&B that grabs you right away and never lets you go. This is the type of song that gets your whole body moving…a simple head nod will not be enough when you’re listening to “Love Is.”

A confidently smooth bass line slaps its way through this song and keeps the emotional energy high. The drums lean forward with a slightly “on top of the beat” feeling that pushes the music forward perfectly. Horn stabs, piano melodies, and synth layers round out the sound nicely and create an uplifting, energetic feel.

Lyrically, “Love Is” exemplifies simplistic beauty. Listeners will love the mantra-like nature of this song. “Love is the way for us today, Love is the key to unity.” In these trying times, a message like this, delivered with such passion and conviction, is an absolute treasure. The weight of the message is deepened by a commitment to an inspirational musical delivery.

The vocals on “Love Is” are exploratory and soulful. Passion and authenticity shine through on these vocal takes and elevate the music. Fantastically arranged hits create an unexpected and fun ending. Everything about “Love Is” is infectious. From the opening notes the listener is taken in and taken care of. “Love Is” is musical medicine.

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DR. FUNK and the Funky-Soul band, Mind Body & Soul, has surged to number one with their hit, “Just a Matter of Time” and "Do It Right" on the Mainstream Charts for the Independent Music Network. The band has been releasing singles through their distribution contract with Bentley Records and plans to release the entire album Fall 2020 along with a vinyl record for fans to collect. Both “Just a Matter of Time” and “Do It Right” have music videos. The videos are happy-go-lucky and representative of Mind Body & Soul as an organic funk band and what they stand for spreading love and peace and attending old skool car shows, the band's favorite past-time.

"Love Is" is currently being pushed to major media publications and radio play. Mind, Body & Soul are in a class of their own as they share their happiness through their music to their fans, spending much of their time either in the studio or out on the road performing. Due the Pandemic, DR. FUNK and the band plan to private, pre-recorded and live shows online.


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