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  • Bryon Harris

Mind Body & Soul - 'Love Is' Part I

Review by Victoria Scott & Staff

By reinvigorating R&B and funk, Mind Body & Soul is a musical celebration of life. Their music is all about love, joy, and changing the world. It’s music you can dance to, cry to, and fall in love to. It’s an escape from the daily grind and an uplifting offering of love. The band was founded by Rhythmm Epkins who was destined to be a performer. His mother, a gospel singer, would tote the young Epkins to church for nightly practices where the boy would fall asleep under the piano, absorbing the harmonies of his mother’s choir. He excelled at music early on, showing a strong knack for melody on a pre-school flutophone before spending his school years learning piano, drums, bass and cello. As a high school freshman, he broke curfew to play his first city gig, and that was only the beginning. Touring life began soon after, with a national run in a dozen-piece band of teen prodigies. A short stint at St. Johns University only proved what that first tour had promised: Rhythmm Epkins was destined for the life of a traveling musician. And ever since, Epkins has been playing across the globe.

Mind Body & Soul will hit you with their funk beats and soulful vocals in their powerful song “Love Is.” A banging funky groove introduces the song with sensual, smooth vocals by Dr. Funk Epkins.

Electric and funky guitarist, Power Morcillo is joined by smoking saxophonist, Ray Zepeda; vigorous trumpeter, Brent Williams; and on fire trombonist, Ricky Lucchese. The band gives a strong performance with 70's styled grooves and hypnotic funky rhythms. Against the exciting musical landscape, songwriter, producer, and multiple instrumentalists Dr. Funk Epkins gives an energetic and passionate performance, leading Mind Body and Soul with spirit and soul.

Dr. Funk wrote “Love Is” to inspire and awaken the power of love. Love for each other is powerful enough that it can change the world. The world needs music that inspires and fills you with joy and compassion. Mind Body & Soul encompasses tenderness and the ever-presence of love in our individual lives and as a collective society.

“Love will pick you up,

But love won’t let you down,

Love is everlasting,

And will always be around.”

“Love Is” is an emotional message about surrendering to the power of love. Love is everlasting and it is the only emotion that expands in multiple directions. Mind Body & Soul are telling their story about how love has affected their lives. Through their passionate and dynamic sound, with a developed funk and old school R & B style, their message resonates for a broad audience. From their funky rhythms, sultry and rugged vocals, and jazzy melodies, their message of love touches your soul and heart.

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