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  • Bryon Harris

MIND BODY & SOUL – ‘Just a Matter of Time’

Review by Matt Wong & Staff

Rhythmm Epkins is the founder of MIND BODY & SOUL. Offering an escape from the daily grind, MIND BODY & SOUL encapsulates love and positive energy with music you can dance to, cry to, and fall in love to. Epkins was destined to be a performer. His mother, a gospel singer, would tote the young Epkins to church for nightly practices where the boy would fall asleep under the piano, absorbing the harmonies of his mother’s choir. He excelled at music early on, showing his knack for melody on a pre-school flutophone before spending his school years learning piano, drums, bass and cello. As a teenage, he performed regularly throughout New York, playing keyboards, drums or bass, and singing. Touring life began soon after, with a national run in a dozen-piece band of teen prodigies. MIND BODY & SOUL is a labor of love, the culmination of decades of veteran chops and a tribute to the sounds of Epkins youth. Life is never easy, but through hardship comes strength. With MIND BODY & SOULl, Rhythm Epkins finds his motivation and his music is a celebration of life. Featured on National Indie Radio, MIND BODY & SOUL'S song "Just a Matter of Time" is a great way to get acquainted with Rhythm Epkin's spirit for life which is heard through this song.

“Just a Matter of Time” begins with the words, tick-tock-tick-tock and an infectious drum groove along with vocals singing "It's just a matter of time." More elements begin to jump in, including bass, keys, and horns. The smooth and expressive vocals take over the melody on the first chorus, and immediately prove to be impressive. The vocal arranging is rich with different layers sung by a fantastic ensemble, and together with the soulful groove set up by the rest of the band will have listeners moving to the music in no time. Equally impressive is the horn arranging, featuring infectious riffs, and tight rhythmic stabs.

“Just a Matter of Time” has a party and feel good vibe. The band's energy and positive spirit is contagious. It would be very difficult to stay seated during the performance and it's highly probable that listener's will feel moved to dance. The song's lyrics are a heavy factor behind the energy of the song. The chorus lyrics “It’s just a matter of time. Love will open your mind. Don’t matter where you might be. There’s only one love to see for you and me” are memorable and fun. Driven by a groovy melody, the lyrics are well delivered and feel great to sing along to.

“Just a Matter of Time” by MIND BODY & SOUL is a well written song performed by a top notch band. Time, and sound, arguably the two most important elements of music after melody, are well executed in the arrangement and the band's musicianship is stellar. The vocal performance is supreme and smooth. Listeners should prepare to have MIND BODY & SOUL grab and hold their full attention from beginning to end. "Just a Matter of Time" uplifts your, mind, body, and soul.

For more information on MIND, BODY & SOUL, please visit their website.


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