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  • Bryon Harris

Mind Body & Soul - 'All I Do'

Review by Daniel Deprè & Staff

“All I Do” is heavy with soul and passion. The intro sets the song up to be a piano ballad, until the heavy drums and guitar come in imbuing the song with a powerful groove. The vibe takes inspiration from R&B while mixing in the instrumentation and intensity of a rock song. This is a song about the ultimate sacrifice a person often feels compelled to make when they feel head over heels in love.

Lyrically, singer and multi-instrumentalist Dr. Funk is singing about that incredible feeling of being completely in love with another person. His lyrics perfectly reflect the burning sensation of completely and unequivocally dedicating yourself to another person. “I wanna make sure, that you have everything that you need, I don’t want you to want, for nothing love”. You can really hear in Dr. Funk’s lyrics and expressive vocal performance how overwhelmed he is by this love he feels.

The arrangement really rocks hard while still maintaining a piano ballad vibe. In addition to the usual rock band instrumentation, Saxophone and lots of colorful synths beautifully round out this song. They make sure you feel the passion in your heart and gut. Saxophone player Ray Zepeda ’s performance on this track feels like its time traveling back to the 80s. His playing beautifully ornaments the song with expressive flurries and melodic passages. After the 2nd chorus there is a guitar solo that is technically impressive while also being very lyrical and expressive.

“All I Do” will inspire anyone who is still looking for love to keep on fighting the good fight, and it will remind anyone who is currently in love to keep that fire burning.

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About Mind body & Soul Rhythmm Epkins known to his fans as DR. FUNK is the lead vocalist and responsible for bringing Mind Body & Soul, the funky, soulful band together in 2012, yet the road was long, paved with success and growing pains every band experiences. DR. FUNK believes it is all about making personal connections and finding a place where you belong when it comes to making music and performing on stage together as a band.

“Music is a light that can shine anywhere,” DR. FUNK explains. “I don’t care where you are, you could be in the trenches, on the front line of war and at night when the bullets start flying, what do people do? They listen to music to give them a little hope.”
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