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Review by Matt Wong & Staff

By reinvigorating R&B and funk, MIND BODY & SOUL is a musical celebration of life. Their music is all about love, joy, and making a difference. It’s music for people to dance to and cry to and fall in love to. It’s an escape from the daily grind and an uplifting offering of love. The band was founded by Rhythmm Epkins who was destined to be a performer, almost from birth, MIND BOD His mother, a gospel singer, would tote the young Epkins to church for nightly practices where the boy would fall asleep under the piano, absorbing the harmonies of his mother’s choir. He excelled at music early on, showing his knack for melody on a pre-school flutophone before spending his school years learning piano, drums, bass and cello on a series of instruments bought by his mother or borrowed from friends. As a high school freshman, he broke curfew to play his first city gig - that was only the beginning. Touring life began soon after, with a national run in a dozen-piece band of teen prodigies. A short stint at St. Johns University only proved what that first tour had promised: Rhythmm Epkins was destined for the life of a traveling musician. And ever since, Epkins has been a tenacious touring player, playing across the globe. MIND BODY & SOUL's song "Love Is" perfectly captures the band's musical spirit.

“Love Is” begins with an upbeat drum groove, a tight bass, attention grabbing piano lines, and colorful synths that will get listeners ready to party. A funky guitar part joins the mix further along in the extended intro, and vocals are introduced with the first verse. The inviting vocals are smooth and silky, gliding over the track with an expressive R & B flavor.

The song’s arrangement is a major factor in the its energy and attitude, and as the song moves from verse to chorus, the arrangement expands and contracts to build excitement and get listeners hyped up. The catchy chorus makes a maximum impact on the listener, and features inspiring background vocals that provide both size and flow to the track. Soon, synths take over with pads from the highly rhythmic and funky parts that dominated the previous sections. The song ends with a tasty slap bass solo.

The lyrics in “Love Is” are about the power of love, and the idea that love will keep us wins. The band wants listeners to know that “love is the way for us today” and that “love is the key to unity.” A key lyric that resonates in the first verse is “love is everlasting, and will always be around.”

“Love Is” by MIND BODY & SOUL is a song that will get listeners dancing from the first note. The band is a tight and cohesive outfit with outstanding musicianship, which is evident from the infectious groove, and well performed parts that they unleash throughout the song. With uplifting lyrics, smooth vocals and an exceptional, and memorable melody, this song is the complete package.

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