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Mikel Capriano - 'Even If I Lost A Shoe'

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Even If I’ve Lost a Shoe” is a grandiose and emotional piece of music. The overall sweetness of this song is intoxicating. A well-crafted melody is expertly delivered by Capriano and supported perfectly by the instrumentation on the track. The sonic textures are chosen deliberately, creating a gentle yet powerful swell of music. The strength of the backing track sets a beautiful stage for a deserving vocal performance.

Lyrically, “Even If I’ve Lost a Shoe” is inspiring and uplifting. Written as a soundtrack for a short film, the cinematic feel of the music matches the lyrical themes in lock-step. “My life needed something new, And when I look into your eyes, My heart jumps into the skies.” Direct and expressive, the lyrics are expertly delivered by Capriano. “Cos I, wanna be with you, Until the end, of time will do, Even if I've lost a shoe, I'll say yes, if you need me too.”

A wonderfully written love song with a fresh perspective. The arrangement of “Even If I’ve Lost a Shoe” utilizes beautiful orchestration to create an oceanic bedrock for the catchy melody. The rhythmic acoustic guitar strumming is crisp and warm, while angelic pads fill the space. Interesting percussion layers are well made, while an expressive piano performance elevates the song. Capriano’s vocals are endearing and confident, sure to draw listeners into the music. “Even If I’ve Lost a Shoe” is a catchy and meaningful work of art, a total winner.

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About Mikel Capriano

Mikel Capriano is a singer/songwriter who writes music and soundtracks for film and TV. His brand of music likes to bring happy vibes to his listeners. More specifically at the moment for romantic comedy and drama type film and TV that he can also act in himself. Mikel is an actor, singer/songwriter and dancer. His new release, "Even if I Lost a Shoe" is a perfect example of a soundtrack to a short film he wrote, produced and acted in and you can see the music video on VEVO and YouTube. Mikel Capriano is originally from Perth, Western Australia. He travels and works throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand as well as other countries around the globe.

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