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  • Bryon Harris

Michelle D’Amour - 'Christmas in Blue'

by Review by Anthony Nguyen & Staff

Michelle D’Amour delivers on yet another Christmas themed song that is an absolute pleasure to listen to from start to finish. Brimming with cheer and unbridled enthusiasm “Christmas in Blue” engages listeners with stellar arranging and incredible musicianship.

The band plays together beautifully. All of the horns sit in a deep pocket and not a single note is out of place. They are able to do this because the rest of the rhythm section is so tight. The piano locks in the harmony and while in the background, provides nice licks here and there to provide a nice boost. The drums, played by Dave Delzottoare whimsical in regards to the rhythm which provides the song with a nice flow. Capping everything off is the vocals by Michelle. Her characteristic blend of playful singing and beingslightly behind the beat makes the song cheerful and fun and fits the theme of the season perfectly.

The song starts with a bang from the horn section and doesn’t let go. The first verse is infectiously upbeat. The chorus ramps up the energy with an arrangers solo. The band is locked in and uses the fantastic arranging to its advantage. There is a solo section towards the middle of the song that is an absolute blast. The piano solo is technically excellent that soon transitions into the guitar solo. The guitar solo has a retro feel that will instantly remind listeners of the season. It’s energetic and remains gripping for its entire run. By the time the last outro comes in there is a blast of charisma that is a cathartic ending to a fantastic song.

The inspiration for this piece comes from trying to get the most out of the season and not getting down. The song is a humorous take on the old tale of the elf on a shelf from a child’spoint of view. This message is supported by some fantastic lyrics, “No thanks buddy, I’m doing just fine. I’ll take my chances without your help.” Sprinkled throughout the song are cute lyrics that give the song a new dimension in addition to the already fantastic production. With top notch arranging and an impressive display of talent from the musicians “Christmas in Blue” by Michelle D”Amour and company is another great addition to the yuletide catalog.

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About Michele D'Amour and The Love Dealers

Dubbed "the poetess of the blues," Michele D'Amour was steeped in music in the womb and has maintained her love of the blues genre throughout her life, bolstered by her father's extensive record collection. At the tender age of six, inspired by a now-forgotten incident, the precocious youngster penned her first song, "My Mom is So Mean." Growing up in rainy Seattle in such circumstances with two older sisters to boot, the blues gave Michele an outlet for transcending life's trials and helping others as well. In 2011, the band Michele D'Amour and the Love Dealers formed when the stars aligned -- Michele's lifelong affinity for the blues, her experience writing and performing, and the emergence of the right founding band members. The band has since released six albums; Michele's songs have won several songwriting awards, including a John Lennon grand prize. The band has also received awards, such as Best Blues Band from LA Music Critic in January 2019.


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