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Micah Thunder - 'The Only One'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

MicahThunder, a pop-rock, Singer-Songwriter based in New Mexico, sings to the sights and sounds with his "Wild Journey Music." Following a successful local campaign, his recent single "The Only One" gained 20k views on YouTube in less than 2 months and his soulful, searching lyrics have garnered international praise. Micah makes music that empowers, supports, and reveals unspoken secrets of the heart. A great way to get to know Micah's undeniable talent is through his song, "The Only One."

Micah offers an introspective folk-rock song with “The Only One,” a song about recurring memories from a traumatic past. The song commences with acoustic strumming and tasteful ahd moving blues guitar riffs. The vibe is immediately soulful as Micah’s earthy and velvet vocals layer over the track. "The bus for work left 40 minutes ago I don’t think I’m gonna make it, gonna spend the day alone."

A steady bassline guides the bustling drums, smooth rhythm guitar, crying electric guitar riffs, and warm piano melody. The locked-in drum groove, with tight brush hits on the bass drum, set the pace for this tender song. The wailing of the guitar and strong backbeat passes through you like an eastern storm. Producer Edgar Wonder skillfully coordinated a dynamic arrangement that complements the song's complex message.

The lyrics speak honestly and openly about the isolation of trauma. "Am I the only one who feels like this?" “The Only One” expresses the raw emotions of seeded trauma and how the mind re-processes the trauma over time. For those who have suffered from PTSD, this song will resonate deeply.

“Don’t remember how I got so frightened. No way to numb the pain. The world goes round so slowly, is it selfish to feel like you owe me. Running in place, is this the way life is? Am I the only one who feels like this? Won’t pick up the phone, leave me alone, don’t got nothing to give.”

Micah Thunder's expressive artistry features an expectational musicality and alluring lyrical style. His deep lyrics are thought-provoking, and his performance is tender and eloquent. He has a unique and intimate style that lets the listener inside while also offering robust instrumentation.

Micah's intense story is profound. "The Only One"reflects on the struggle of life affected by a trauma that has engraved itself in the mind, and this is no easy subject to write or perform. Micah is a very talented artist whoses raw and real approach reaches out and connects listeners to both his music and the message.

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