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  • Bryon Harris

Merrill Collins - 'Soyez Gentille” feat. Cesar Marquez'

Review by Anthony Nguyen

With a stunning display of musicianship and bursting to the seams with raw emotion “Soyez Gentille” by Merill Collins featuring Cesar Marquez is an absolute gem. The piano comes straight out of something you might expect from a Debussy composition. Light and gentle while still maintaining technical excellence the piano is what glues the song together, both rhythmically and harmonically. The violin is also superb. It plays the role of almost a second vocalist. There is a riveting conversation happening between the vocals and violin. Sometimes they speak in unison and sometimes they trade lines making the pace brisk and interesting throughout. The real star of the show is the vocals by Marquez. Extremely whimsical and full of cathartic emotion, his performance is simply breathtaking. He ranges from a soothing croon to full belting in the blink of an eye. The large dynamic range from all of the players allows the song to breath and expand without the use of elaborate instrumentation. 'Soyez Gentille” is written in the French language. Soyez Gentille evokes the qualities of the Christ Child - gentle, sweet, strong, and giving. "Be gentle, be even more gentle , be like the children , like the child of Christmas, who was the most gentle in all of creation."

The arranging is one of the things that really separate this song from some of its peers. Every instrument seems to be in sync with one another. There is absolutely never a dull moment, as each instrument plays its role perfectly. The intro is a bit understated but really allows the chorus to pop. By the time the first iteration is over listeners will already be eagerly awaiting its next appearance.

Overall the sections flow very naturally in to each other, making the pace pleasant throughout. With a knockout performance from the musicians and an ability to invoke some truly deep emotions “Soyez Gentille” by Merill Collins featuring Cesar Marquez is a standout achievement in songwriting.

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