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Melaku - "Paradise"

Review Written by Victoria

Melaku is a solo artist, songwriter, and record producer. He writes and records his music in his hometown recording studio, Mowbray Studio, and releases the music on his independent record label, Angellion Records.  Raised in a small beach town in northern California, Melaku began writing and singing as early as 5, picked up the drums at 10, and started recording himself at 13, later moving on to recording with bands and artists in the region.  Melaku attended Columbia University in New York City where he studied Sociology and Business Management, but continued recording songs in his dorm on campus. After interning at SONY Music, Jive Records, his original songs landed him a management deal and writing songs with producers for artists like Ke$ha, Flo Rida, B.o.B, Jacob Lattimore, Collie Buddz and various major and independent labels like Universal Motown, Atlantic Records, Tulsa Records, Easy Star Records, and G Note.  After graduating, Melaku spent many summers in LA in writing sessions, while defining his own sound as an artist. On 11/11/2018, Melaku released his debut album "Golden Age.”  The album received positive coverage from publications like With Guitars Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, The Indie Source, and Consequence Of Sound.  Currently, Melaku's new single, "Paradise", showcases his catchy, fresh sound.

“Paradise” by Melaku will transport you into a blissful state of mind. Utilizing some 70's and 80's style electronic beats with a modern punch, pop drum grooves, and fluid electric guitar, this track washes over your soul. The song's ethereal vibe has an undercurrent of joy and energy while maintaining a refective and soulful perspective. Soon a wistful melody comes in with a tight bass and drum groove along with Melaku’s top-notch, tenor vocals. Melaku has a pristine pop sound that is radio ready. With descending vocals in the chorus, the hook is highly memorable and easy to sing along with. During the bridge section, a rock groove emerges for extra engagement. Stellar production by Melaku and Ian Bell incorporates atmospheric sound effects along with tight beats that emphasize the energetic sound and Melaku's seductive vocals.

Songwriter and producer Melaku begins the song singing, “I feel the ocean coming, I feel the rushing tide, I see the endless horizon, And the sun is rising in the sky.” He depicts a serene place that takes you away into a joyful haven. The empasis is on slowing down and appreciating the wonders around you. “Paradise” is a gentle reminder to enjoy life, and find a paradise within yourself. A rush of sound comes over you as the chorus begins and he sings:

“I know it’s right. To keep on living in paradise, It’s all ok, when I stop running, and I get back to paradise. Paradise, ohh paradise. When I get to paradise.”

"Paradise" reminds us of our ability to find renewal within ourselves and in nature. Melaku demonstrates his ability to write music that awakens our senses; he transports us to a different state of mind, giving us a fresh and positive perspective. He does this through complex and gorgeous musical layers. "Paradise" is more than a beach song; yes, there is the ocean, the rising tides, the sun and the sky, but there is also a deep meditation on life that listeners will hear and feel in their souls.

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