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  • Bryon Harris

Mel Stirling – 'Slipping Slowly'

Review by Brandon Watts & Staff

Off her new EP, Standing to Fall, Mel Stirling offers six songs of artistic merit that will capture the ears of alt-rock fans. The opening track, "Slipping Slowly" is a great way to get acquainted with her bold sound.

Mel Sterling’s has a gripping and unique sound that she presents in the haunting alt-rock arrangement of “Slipping Slowly.” The song begins with a pick-up on drums leading into faint strumming as Mel’s striking vocals take the lead.

The instrumentals gradually build energy as harmonies trail the ends of phrases. Entering the pre-chorus, melodic interjections from distorted electric guitar fill the gaps between vocal lines. The arrangement is creative and very well-conceived.

“Slipping Slowly” is about loss and facing your lonesomeness. "Is this the day that your leaving?" It's about slipping into a darkness and being grateful that someone was there for you.

Breaking into a heavy, rocking groove you can hear the emotion in Mel’s dynamic vocals and harmonies as she sings,

“Slipping slowly All I know is, ya saved me ahhh Slipping slowly All I know is, it’s you, ahhh it’s you, it's you, yeah you that saved me.”

Mel keeps listeners engaged through the whole song by telling a story not just through the lyrics but through the emotion that each part of the arrangement brings with fluctuations in energy and a very strong vocal delivery. With songs like “Slipping Slowly” Mel Stirling is surely an artist to keep an eye on.

For more information on Mel Stirling and her new EP, Standing to Fall, please visit her website.


About Mel Stirling

Although Los Angeles-based Australian artist, Mel Stirling, has just surfaced on the music industry’s radar as a solo act. She has performed in various alternative bands and supported well-known Australian acts such as The Radiators, Killing Heidi, Grinspoon and The Butterfly Effect. Mel Stirling’s striking cut-through voice and haunting singer-songwriter style produce a sound that is somber, yet contagiously catchy. Mel Stirling’s first solo EP, Standing to Fall, was mixed and mastered at Alchemix Studios in Brisbane’s West End, Australia. Standing to Fall is available on all digital platforms. CDs are available for purchase on Amazon.


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