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Meghan Pulles - 'New Horizon'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“New Horizon” is an intricately detailed song with an endearing melody and uplifting lyrical themes. Fine craftsmanship is on display from every angle on this song. The track opens with ethereal vocal harmonies but quickly introduces a driving harmonic rhythm which will carry the song for its duration. Pulles’s vocals seem to deliver the lyrics with a smile. She floats confidently above the ornately layered instruments.

Lyrically, “New Horizon” delivers themes of hope and perseverance. “I’m going to a new horizon, where the sun is always shining…someday we’ll be together in this new horizon.” Listeners can hear the conviction in Pulles’s delivery, injecting these lyrics with emotion. “Moving through this veil of tears, wash away these wasted years.” This song acknowledges life’s struggles and makes the choice to move past them.

“New Horizon” is like the Americana version of a big band. Everything from percussion, piano, melodica, strings, and guitars are present. Each sonic texture is placed deliberately in the mix, resulting in a massive wave of sound during dynamic peaks. The song is also unafraid to drop to just vocals, bass, and drums which builds tension and results in a huge payoff. “New Horizon” is beautifully written end expertly performed…a fantastic piece of music.


About Meghan Pulles

Meghan Pulles reigns as an emo-positive singer-songwriter who heals the world through her lyrical lens.

The New Yorker has touched fans across the globe with her music: taking her listeners on a cathartic journey of mental and emotional healing and wellness.

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