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  • Bryon Harris

Meghan Pulles - 'Keep the Light On'

Written by Ionas Finser & Staff

A smooth guitar introduces us to “Keep the Light On”, supported by satisfying, flowing drums. Meghan Pulles clear, pristine voice enters and lulls your ears with beautiful, bright melodies. A clear feminist anthem, “Keep the Light On” blends iconic melodies with optimistic chord progressions to keep us enchanted.

Inspired by the Woman’s March of 2017, Pulles wrote this song to create a unifying message for women across the world. The artist’s lyrics are brave and clear, a resounding source of leadership and vision. Every phrase inspires hope and courage, while speaking to the positive atmosphere of the music.

“Cause a candle keeps burning Even when the darkness tries to take it away You keep on climbing up that mountain And keep the light on”

A born leader, Meghan Pulles knows what she’s doing when it comes to rallying the voices of the many into one clear message. The fight lives on in each of the artist’s words, and speaks to the struggle more than half of the global population faces every day. “Keep the Light On” keeps the light of hope and strength fiercely illuminated, and delivers irresistibly catchy, beautiful music for all to enjoy.

For more information on Meghan Pulles, please visit her website.

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About Meghan Pulles

Meghan is a classically trained opera singer and theater actress who transitioned into a singer-songwriter 7 years ago, after moving to NYC from Orlando. Not planning to pursue music as a career, her path shifted when she became awakened to the musical healing, and spirituality of songwriting. Learning to love the tribulations of life through processing by creating music, She believes that songwriting is cathartic; an emotional band-aid to help heal, and to overcome past obstacles…. Working towards the “small miracles” of joy to help change the world, she hopes to share her instrumental music to help heal, soothe, motivate, and inspire others enduring pain, by giving fans a musical hug and making them feel uplifted and connected to their inner-selves, whilst listening and through introspection.

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