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  • Bryon Harris

Meghan Pulles - 'Ghost of Sound'

Review by Patrick Joseph

Ghost of Sound” is a delicate and emotional musical statement. All pieces fit together to create an incredibly powerful wave of expression. Airy guitar tones and a pensive harmonic structure create the perfect backdrop for Pulles’s insistent and precise vocal tracks. She communicates the song’s deeply personal message with beauty and integrity.

Lyrically, “Ghost of Sound” is honest and rhetorical. A musician’s hearing is a treasured and protected gift. In this song Pulles writes about the fear hearing loss. “Oh please don't come take it away, I need this magic power to stay, I promise I'll protect you, Ghost of sound.” The vocals seem to whirl through the air, blending perfectly with the harmonic instruments. “In the silence, In the darkness, Do we listen.” A powerful sentiment made even stronger by the vocal delivery.

There is a simmering energy boiling just underneath the surface on “Ghost of Sound.” This music will have you mesmerized, simply listening and relating to the feel of the song. A melodic piano track adds depth to the chords. Acoustic strumming provides consistency. The drum track packs a lot of intensity, sitting low in the mix and providing the music with a strong backbone. Bass lines are expressive and deliberate, navigating the music and charting an emotional course. Taken as a whole, “Ghost of Sound” is an undeniable song…one you will want to hear again and again.

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About Meghan Pulles

Meghan Pulles has been writing songs since the age of 17. She is a classically trained opera singer turned singer-songwriter. She believes that music is medicine, and that by sharing her pain and struggles through song that she can empower others to do the same. Her songs have been picked up on 50+ radio stations, and garnered over 100,000 streams on Spotify. She released her first EP in October of 2019 titled "Keep the Light On" that included themes of grief, mental health, and hope. Meghan Pulles has also been featured on many different podcasts, and loves sharing her voice with other people and speaking about things that matter. ​ Following her EP, Meghan has released the singles "Three Christmases", "How Much Longer", and "ghost of sound" with a new single coming out on March 26th called "New Horizon", a collaboration with a cowriter in Australia, Craig Sayer. Meghan coined the term "emo-positive" for her music because she doesn't want to be put in a box but her vibes can be in the indie folk/pop realm. She wants her listeners to get healing from her music, and to know that they aren't alone in their own struggles. ​ Meghan is at work on her debut album about healing through emotional abuse, planning to be releasing in 2022 and working with producer Harper James who is known for his indie band Eighty Ninety.


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