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Megan Richardson- 'Cry to Unify'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Cry to Unify” is a powerful and emotional piece of music. Rich and dense synth layers create an ethereal feeling on this song. The interaction of harmonic lines and faux vocal patches create a heavenly feeling to the music. Simultaneously heavy and inspirational, this is a song that appeals directly to the soul. Richardson’s understated vocals are strong and courageous, showcasing her unique identity.

Lyrically, “Cry to Unify” is a hopeful message of unity to groups who have struggled in our society. “Oh why does gravity have always pull us down, It makes see the things we don't want to see, Oh once again now I have to reprocess, The trauma that runs through my DNA…But I'm still not afraid to dream.” Told from the perspective of a black woman, these lyrics are passionate and urgent. Richardson offers beautifully poetic sentiments on difficult, honest subject matter. “We will reconcile all our differences, And move ahead, What's echoing is the cry to unify.” These lyrics are inspirational to all listeners and are highlighted spectacularly by the musical accompaniment.

The arrangement of “Cry to Unify” is phenomenal. Subtle additions to the sonic textures allow this song to build from beginning to end. Richardson’s vocal take floats on top of intricately crafted harmonic motion.

Percussion and back-up vocals creep into the song when you least expect it, supporting the message and injecting the music with a refreshed energy. Meditative and conscientious, this is music that demands attention. Simply put…a highly moving work of art from a phenomenal artist.


About Megan Richardson

Megan Richardson is an indie singer-songwriter who was born and raised in Chicago but currently resides in Nashville. She has always been drawn to songs with rich, colorful sounds and profound lyrics, so that's what she strives to create. She has been songwriting for 10 years and playing the piano for 15 years. Growing up, she was exposed to lot’s of gospel, contemporary, and classic rock which really developed her palate musically. She takes inspiration from dynamic artists such as Regina Spektor, Lana Del Rey, and Florence+The Machine.

Her newest project Sonder is an EP that aims to encourage people to gain more perspective into other’s lives and experiences—especially if they differ from theirs. Megan hopes that her lyrics and melodies will usher you into a world of creativity and meaning!

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