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Matt Nation - "Ms. McGuire

Review by Patrick Joseph

“Ms. McGuire” is a smooth and interesting song with unique sonic textures and a killer vibe. Catchy vocals by Matt Nation evolve throughout the song and demonstrate mastery over several styles. Ultra-slick production values are on full display, resulting in an eclectic and mesmerizing backing track. This song sounds constantly fresh, introducing new musical ideas in every section and nailing them all.

Lyrically, “Ms. McGuire” explores what could have been in a relationship gone wrong.

“We can be good friends that could be us, Pour a little more into my cup, Only came out here to show some love, But you act like it’s a crime and you do this every time.”

The feeling of the music matches these lyrical themes perfectly.

“My apology for how we ended girl but that won’t give you back time took, Made your disdain a life sentence, I never signed up for that, But consider this my repentance.”

Honest and complex, these lyrics are even more impactful when delivered with Nation’s elegant style.

The arrangement of “Ms. McGuire” is brilliant and courageous. A rich harmonic progression and beautiful melodies are only the part of what this song has to offer. Dreamlike, percussive sounds add a fascinating dimension to the music. The rhythm is always driving while the instrumental textures float through the air. The overall effect of this music tells an engrossing musical story. A dynamic vocal track and next-level production values make “Ms. McGuire” a compelling work of art.

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About Matt Nation

Matt Nation is a Brooklyn-born songwriter, singer, producer, and musician based in New York. During his sophomore year of college, Matt officially began producing his music. Later, Matt’s performances at College Music Festivals would give him the momentum to do live gigs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Long Island. His charismatic stage presence and intense performances transcend audiences into a bouncing euphoric state. Matt has garnered attention and a loyal following as the headliner at music venues throughout New York.

Matt’s songs are inspired by the pressures of being a twenty-something-year-old trying to figure out their way in the world. His lyrics often express the embracing of the lesser-than-perfect parts of oneself and takes on the emotional highs & lows of relationships. Matt Nation’s newly released singles “Ms. McGuire” and “Rose Gold” both out on all platforms, takes us into a journey of self-discovery on definitions of love. His music and storytelling are of deep introspection, contrasted with infectious beats and hooks that make you come back for more. The “Ms. McGuire” official music video recently released on Youtube will soon be followed up with the “Blue Dream” official music video.

Matt Nation’s music moves effortlessly between the genres of R&B, Pop, Rap, and Indie/Alternative. His lyrics encompass struggles, resilience and takes on the modern-day love story, neatly wrapped in deceivingly energetic and enthusiastic production. The Pop sound coupled with the driving 808’s of “Ms. McGuire” to the wavy rollercoaster ride of “Life Aquatic”; the atmospheric trippy sound of “Blue Dream” to the dark introspective trap soul vibe of “Rose Gold” is all original songs in Matt Nation’s arsenal in his upcoming debut EP. Matt Nation’s much-anticipated debut EP drops in Summer 2021. In 2021 Matt will be heading to the West Coast - Performance dates- TBA.

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