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  • Bryon Harris

Mastecki Records- “Revival”

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Revival” is an incredibly engaging song with a killer chorus and a tight groove. Indie-pop sensibilities strike a perfect balance on this track. The rhythm section is driving and energetic, giving the music a dark edge. The vocal performances are phenomenal, giving the song a “hit” quality. High end production values make the music shine.

Lyrically, “Revival” tells a satisfying tale of redemption and overcoming adversity. “I hit the lowest, I fell so hard they said that I, Could not recover, I was a wreck, Now they...Witnessing my revival.”

The theme of rising above a challenge and becoming a better person is highlighted beautifully by the music. “Don’t step in my shoes, this path you can’t walk on, Turn the wrecks to riches, now we back on.” Listeners will love these inspiring sentiments.

The arrangement of “Revival” is eclectic and deliberate. The punchy, energetic drums add a bedrock of energy which supports the song. The expressive guitar parts are dynamic and soaring. The vocal hook is ultra-strong, and the lead vocal delivers a great performance. A hip-hop verse elevates the song and adds yet another layer. “Revival” is an undeniably great song - a total hit. Perhaps, this will be the "song of the year" as we can all use a revival of great music.

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About Mastecki Records

Mastecki Records is a dynamic, independent label dedicated to connecting artists from all across the world in the effort of making tracks that really transcend global boundaries, and are able to connect with listeners all over the globe. The label tackles a number of different genres such as Hip Hop and R&B, hoping to inspire change in them through these electric and varied efforts of melding together different cultures. At Mastecki Records the need for creative freedom is understood, as such artists are given free rein on their productions with no boundaries in what they want to make. Creating a truly holistic environment where collaborations from all across the globe can occur organically, resulting in the creation of some groundbreaking music.


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