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Marsha Bartenetti - 'Comin’ Back To Me'

Review by Patrick Joseph & Staff

“Comin’ Back to me” features an amazingly intricate soundscape and a sensitive vocal take. The airy, complex instrumental arrangement paints a beautiful picture over which Bartenetti can muse. A beautiful melody hangs in the atmosphere amongst orchestral, cinematic swells.

This song opens with the sounds of a sea scape, and proceeds to take listeners on a sonic journey. “Comin’ Back to me” utilizes interesting timbres and dynamic peaks and valleys in order to masterfully play with the emotional colors of its musical message.

Lyrically, “Comin’ Back to me” is poetic and bittersweet. “The winter looked the same, As if it never had gone.” The depth of feeling in Bartenetti’s vocal performance gives these lyrics even more significance. “Through an open window, where no curtain hung, I saw you.” This song does a fantastic job of finding a tone that can’t be defined by a single point of view. “You always say, You won’t go away, But I know it always has been.” Listeners will be captivated by the correlation between musical expression and lyrical narrative.

“Comin’ Back to me” is hypnotic and mesmerizing. There is a dreamlike quality to this song, as if it could exist only within one’s own mind. The contemplative feeling of the music is matched perfectly by Bartenetti's wistful vocals. Marsha Bartenetti delivers this song with the delicacy that it deserves, resulting in a powerful work of art. Woodwinds, fretless bass, fascinating recording techniques and a striking vocal melody make “Comin’ Back to me” a song you’ll want to come back to time and again.

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About Marsha Bartenetti

Award-winning vocalist, Marsha Bartenetti is a Smooth Jazz, Great American Songbook & Adult Contemporary Singer, who will cross any genre for a good lyric. Her style ranges from Billie Holiday, to Bonnie Raitt, all sung with authenticity and rich, evocative tones. After having left the music business for many years, Marsha enjoyed a highly successful career as a Voice-Over/On-Camera artist with National credits. She still maintains a successful Voice-0ver career and records Audio Description for Feature Films and Television Programs/Series.

Marsha’s return to music is winning audiences over as she has filled some of the finest live music venues in the Los Angeles area, like Herb Alpert’s Vibrato Jazz Club, Catalina’s Jazz Club, and Feinstein’s at the Nikko in San Francisco. She has released 4 studio albums. “It’s Time”, “Christmas In The Spirit”, “Marsha Bartenetti…feels like Love”, and “I Believe In Love” released November 2019. Her single, “Comin' Back to Me", by Marty Balin was released in 2020, and her upcoming single, “Dust in the Wind” by Kerry Livgren, will be released in March 2021 All of Marsha’s music can be found on Amazon, iTunes, YouTube and can be heard on Spotify.


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