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Mark Winters - 'Copper Queen'

By Sylvie Marie & Staff

Mark Winters is a Sugar Land, Texas based rock musician. Mark combines music and poetry to form his signature sound, rock with a positive vibe. His poetic style came from his Grandmother who taught him how to write poetry and express himself. Starting as a cover song artist, Mark found his voice in original music that exudes an uplifting vibe. Positive influences from the people in his life and a love for guitar are his compass.

A pickup drumbeat, bright guitar strumming, and walking bass open the classic beach rock sound of "Copper Queen" by Mark Winters. Mark enters singing, "I'm just dreamin' about her hair. Cuttin' thru the breeze, waves splashing everywhere." Immediately light and fun, this song is high on a beautiful girl and a sunny day at the beach!

A short pre-chorus changes up the harmonic structure, adding a surprise to the arrangement and a great build up to the catchy hook. "Beauty from head to toe. Skin is copper sweet. Lord here she goes." The chorus revels in summer delight. You can almost smell the Coppertone lotion and see the copper strands of long, beautiful blond hair blowing in the ocean breeze.

Mark's voice is warm and clear like a summer sky as he sings the addictive chorus melody.

"Sails runnin' into the wind My Copper Queen She's all I see Life is warm and bright My Copper Queen Love me tonight"

An instrumental prelude offers up a wavvy guitar solo that surfs over the track. Returning to the chorus at the end, the song ends on sunny notes.

"Copper Queen" is the perfect dreamy song to take you away. Summer is around the corner and most of us have been stuck inside for far too long. Listen to "Copper Queen" and let the warm magic of a fun summer love brighten your day and lift your spirits.

For more information on Mark Winters, please visit his website.

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