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Mariia Tsvetkova - 'Real Anymore'

Review Written by Victoria Scott & Staff

Mariia is a singer and songwriter, born in small city nearby Moscow. Gravitated towards the songs of Adele, Alisha Keys, Andra Day, Ed Sheeran and Etta James she started writing her own music at the age of 15. Her sophisticated pop sound is rooted in a wide range of inspirations soaked up from the time spend traveling around the world. In 2015 she took part in Russian The Voice, and in 2018 she recorded Salsa Album in Switzerland and released her debut EP in Moscow in 2019. She has extensive experience performing concerts, music festivals and on music jury panels around the world. In May 2019 she was selected to join the Songwriter Camp in Palm Springs, LA, mentored by Pam Sheyne and Richard Harris. At the camp she met Nitanee Paris, the Director of A&R at ArtistMax, a Los Angeles based artist development and education enterprise founded by Grammy-winning producer Ken Caillat (Fleetwood Mac; Colbie Caillat). Nitanee introduced her to Ken Caillat and Mariia ended up staying in LA and signing an artist development deal with ArtistMax. During her time in LA, she has worked with great songwriters and producers such as Nitanee Paris, Ken Caillat, Pam Sheyne, Richard Harris, Martin Sutton, Sebastian Hughes, Mark Dorflinger and Chen Neeman. Mariia has been nominated for several awards and won the John Lennon Songwriting Contest, Peace Song Awards and Women’s Free Song.

“Real Anymore” has an explosive introduction created by a distorted sub-bass and electronic beats. As the song progresses, the vocals double with a distorted echo effect. The arrangement is engaging throughout as the electronica beat drops out in the bridge and immediately comes back in at the chorus. Co-writer Akosua Mireku elevates the message and Producer David Berg emphasizes Mariia’s earthy, angelic vocals.

Mariia's inspiration for "Real Anymore" came from a conversation about women's social pressures including the unrealistic beauty standards depicted in the media, magazines and TV.

“She don’t know what’s real anymore. Real anymore. She’s gonna have to settle the score. Settle the score. Cause it’s 1 for the magazines 2 for the skinny tea 3 for the days she didn’t eat, 4 for the photoshop, 5 for the tears that won’t stop. She don’t know what’s real anymore.”

Mariia's fantastic voice echoes like a colorful wave as the sub-bass booms softly under the retro synth effects. Her one-of-a-kind vocal performance is unforgettable. Akosua brings the song alive with her inspiring lyrics and David Berg’s spectacular musicianship takes the arrangement to another level. Mariia is an inspiring, soulful, and electrifying artist who can stand toe-to-toe with today's top charting stars. Mariia is a 2020 artist to watch!

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